ISSN: 2187-4743 – The Asian Conference on Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences 2012 – Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: February 4th, 2013


March 29-31 2012, Osaka, Japan

ISSN: 2187-4743


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Proceedings Contents

A Path Model of Stress among Farmers under Globalization in Thailand
Chonticha Kaewanuchit
Carles Muntaner
Suphot Dendoung
Chokchai Suttawet
Witayakorn Chiengkul
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Organizational Trust in Public Sector
Pinkanok Wongpinpech
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The Definition of Psymentology
Mohammad Ali Taheri
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The Gap between Global Issues and Personal Behaviors: Curtailment Behaviors of Citizens toward Mitigating Global Warming
Shis-ping Lin
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Comparison of the Riding Six Amusement Facilities on Psychophysiological and Behavioral Responses
Bor-Shong Liu
Hsien-Yu Tseng
Tung-Chung Chia
Shin-Han Pan
Tsung-Yen Ho
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Renegotiating Your Marriage, Balancing the Terms of Your Relationship as it Changes
Bonnie Jacobson
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The Causal Relationship Model of Work-Life Balance Affecting the Employees' Effective Work
Behavior of the Automotive Part Manufacturers, The Eastern Thailand
Sayamon Akakulanan
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The Correlation between Trust and the Five Dimensions of the Bandung Family Relation Test(BFRT)
Samsunuwiyati Marat
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Research on the Frustration Experiences of Middle-Aged and Senior People while Interacting
with Small Touch Screens
Chi-Yuan Hu
Li-Chieh Chen
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Consumer Behavior for Design of Workplace Utility Knives by Factors Analysis and
Performance Evaluation
Yu-Jen Lin
Bor-shong Liu
Pei-Yi Chen
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The Discussion of Class Management and Behavior Change
Peiting Chang
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Development and Validation of the Social Trusting Internal Control Scale for Thai School Adolescents
Duangduen Bhanthumnavin
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Research on the Strategic Innovation of Taiwanese Advertising Agency - A Case Study of Luxgen Automobile
Jong-Sheng Horng
Jih-Shyong Lin
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The Influences of Perceived Interactivity and Perceived Value on the Loyalty of Using Social Network Services
Yu-Lou Lee
Shyh-Bao Chiang
Chung-Jung Wu
Li-Chieh Chen
pp. 144-154 View PDF

Antecedents of Psychological Contract Breach: Evidences from the Context of Vietnam
Tran Huy Phuong
pp. 155-168 View PDF

The Trust Effect of Cpa WebtrustSm Assurance Seal on Online Consumers' Expectancy Disconfirmation
Cheng-Tsung Lu
Chun-Tai Ting
pp. 169-186 View PDF

Three Aspects of Relationship-Focused Coping in Japanese Child-Rearing Couples
Tai Kurosawa
Michiyo Kato
pp. 187-196 View PDF

Self-Concept in Portuguese Students: Implications for Learning and Career Education
Liliana Faria
Maria do Céu Taveira
Marta Nogueira
Feliciano Veiga
pp. 197-204 View PDF

Personal Qualities: A Facet toward Acquisition of Counseling Professional Identity
Amelia Mohd Noor
Othman Lebar
Suradi Salim
Amir Hasan Dawi
Ab. Aziz Mohd Yatim
Nor Junainah Mohd Isa
pp. 205-213 View PDF

Effects of Classroom Teachers' Policies on Cyberbullying and School Bullying in Elementary,
Junior High, and High Schools in Japan
Ayuchi Kumazaki
Kanae Suzuki
Rui Katsura
Akira Sakamoto
Megumi Kashibuchi
pp. 214-227 View PDF

The Role of Body Image to Marital Satisfaction Mediated by Sexual Frequency and Sexual Satisfaction of Young Adult Women In Indonesia
Indri Yunita Suryaputri
Winarini Wilman D. Mansoer pp. 228-239 View PDF

Health Care Utilization and Psychosocial Behavior in Oral Cancer Patients
Shu-Hsien Chen
Pei-Yien Tsai
Yen-Hui Tsai
pp. 240-248 View PDF

Impact of Perceived Supervisor Support on Organizational Citizenship Behavior: Mediating role of Trust
Afifa Anjum
pp. 249-261 View PDF

Trust in Opposite Gender Friendship: A Comparative Analysis of Male and Female University Students
Rafia Rafique
Afifa Anjum
Ayesha Warris
pp. 262-275 View PDF

Evaluation of the Graphic Symbols Used in Taiwan High-Speed Rail
Chih-Hung Hsu
Bor-Shong Liu
Cheng-Yueh Tsai
pp. 276-280 View PDF

Self-Trust and Positive Development
Lipi Mukhopadhyay
pp. 281-301 View PDF

The Study of Footwear Optimization Design in Cognition for Pregnant Women
Chih-Fu Wu
Neng-Chiao Weng
Pei-Shan Lin
pp. 302-316 View PDF

Optimism and Coping among Women Who Survived Breast Cancer
Agnes Crisostomo
pp. 317-325 View PDF

A Study of Stress Improvement by Listening to Personalized Music
Shih-Feng Wang
Yu-Hao Lee
Shih-Chieh Chang
Tz-Jan Kao
Yung-Jong Shiah
Ming-Shing Young
Ching-Biau Tzeng
pp. 326-338 View PDF

A Knowledge Sharing Perspective on the Transformation of Individual-Level Relationships into
Interorganizational Structures: The Case of Taiwan's Hospitals
Hsieh-Hua Yang
Fen Fen Huang
Yi-Horng Lai
Chien-Chang Yang
pp. 339-347 View PDF

Javanese Child's Reports of Hope: Boys Versus Girls
Yuli Kurniawati Sugiyo Pranoto
pp. 348-356 View PDF

Association of Cognitrone, Visual Pursuit Abilities and Tachistoscopic Traffic Responses among Ages for Bus Drivers
Ting-An Kuo
Chiuhsiang Joe Lin
Bor-Shong Liu
Sheng-Lin Chang
pp. 357-367 View PDF

The Color Association on Pharmaceutical Package
Yi-Wen Chang
Wen-Yuan Lee
pp. 368-379 View PDF

Exploring the Impression Induced by Nail Polish Color
Shi-Min Gong
Wen-Yuan Lee
pp. 380-388 View PDF

The Difference of Impression between Eco-Friendly and Non-Eco-Friendly Materials
Ya-Hui Chi
Tetsuya Sato
Saori Kitaguchi
Wen-Yuan Lee pp. 389-400 View PDF

Guided Device Design Based on Universal Design of Transportation Environments
Yung-Chin Tsao
Shang-Li Chu
Wei-Che Chen
Wei-Shin Huang
Ching-Huei Lai
Kai-Kuo Chang
pp. 401-411 View PDF

The Research on Design of Bus Stops and its Peripheral Facilities in Taipei
Yu-Ta Chen
Yung-Chin Tsao
pp. 412-434 View PDF

Universal Design with Cognitive Psychology Applied on Sign and Guidance Information Systems of Transport Public Station
Yung-Chin Tsao
Shih-Yin Huang
Kai-Kuo Chang
Ching-Huei Lai
pp. 435-441 View PDF

The Application of Modularization Technique in Universal Design ‐A Case Study on Guided Device
Yung-Chin Tsao
Shih-Hsu Lin
Shih-Yin Huang
Ji-Liang Doong
pp. 442-452 View PDF

The Relation between Cognitive Function and Simulating the Future in Middle-and Elderly Adults
Chie Hotta
Emi Ito
Naoko Nagahara
Akihiko Iwahara
Taketoshi Hatta
Takeshi Hatta
pp. 453-470 View PDF

Role of Trust and its implications in an online Distance Learning Context
Archana Tyagi
pp. 471-481 View PDF

Admission and Selection System to Study in Sirindhorn College of Public Health, Chonburi, Thailand
Pyrush Bunthose
Rungpesh Bunthose
Buaklai Tankimhong
Areerat Phlitnontkia
pp. 482-491 View PDF

Trust, Social Capital, and the Evolution of Human Sociality
Cristina Acedo Carmona
Antoni Gomila Benejam
pp. 492-506 View PDF

Development of Trust in T- Groups
Somali Gupta
pp. 507-518 View PDF