ISSN: 2187-4743 – The Asian Conference on Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences 2011 – Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: February 4th, 2012

"Brave New World"

March 20-22 2011, Osaka, Japan

ISSN: 2187-4743


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Proceedings Contents

The Role of Religion in Understanding and Coping with Disaster in Indonesia
Rebecca Fanany
Maria Avgoulas p. 1
Healthy Choices: Behavioral Environment Design and Processing Modes of Health Decisions
Orly Lobel
On Amir p. 20

The Power of Low Self-Esteem
Kevin Solomons p. 44

Environmental Psychology, Urban Planning and Economics: Intersections, Crossroads and Tangents
Ulas Basar Gezgin p. 50

Psychology in the Decision Making of Industrialised Building Systems (IBS): A Field of Application
Sharifah Akmam
Syed Zakaria
Graham Brewer
Thayaparan Gajendran p. 68

Improving Problem Solving Skills by Learning and Playing Chess Among University Students in Iran
Hossein Rezabakhs p. 79

Study on Environmental Cognition and Pro-environmental Behavior of Citizens to Climate Change in Taiwan
Shis-Ping Lin p. 90

Emotional Intelligence and Social-Emotional Learning: An Overview
Anamitra Basu p. 103

Parents - Child Relationship and The Child's Inner Feelings Regarding Dependency (JAPAN)
Maha El-Helbawey p. 108

Impact of Group Training of How to Cope with Stress on General Health of Those who Suffer from
Hepatitis B
Mohammad Hakami
Leila Khazaee
Davoud Taghvaee
Seyedeh Sorour
Hosseini Yazdi p. 130

Information Processing During Unconscious Thoughts in Decision Making
Asteria Devy Kumalasari
Mark Nieuwenstein p. 138

A Comparison of Thailand and Taiwan Bottled Tea Markets Based on Consumption Values Theory
Fei-Fei Cheng
Chin-Shan Wu
Paranee Pihakaendr p. 150

Correlation Study on Anger and Academic Achievement
Roswiyani Roswiyani p. 158

Work Stress and Outcome of Stress Among Managers in Malaysia: A Structural Equation Modeling Analysis
Mandy Wong p. 165

Active or Lazy: What motivates workplace performance?
Anna Leybina
Mergalyas M. Kashapov
Amanda Hui
Zhong Ong p. 175

The motives and semantic attitudes of the Chinese and Russian teachers, their influence on the emotional
well-being of students
Alexandrova Tamara p. 194

The Relationship between Parenting Style and Self-Regulated Learning among Taiwanese Junior High
School Students
I Chang Chen
Chih-Hung Wang p. 199

The Stockholm Syndrome: A Human Dilemma Between Domestic Violence and Fear of Freedom.
Retaining Insecurity rather than Finding Opportunities in Uncertainty.
Monty Satiadarma p. 210

What a Facebook is For - The Use of Facebook in an Undergraduate Sample
Fitri Abidin p. 218

Grounded Theory Analysis of "A Beautiful Mind" (Prologue)
Prakriti Gupta p. 227

The Differences of Impostor Phenomenon Tendencies on University Students Who Derived from Java,
Madura, and Interracial Marriage
Visi Puspita
Kamelia Dewi
Purbasari Rizqy
Amelia Zein p. 243

Capability building in social enterprises - The role of learning
Ankita Tandon p. 255

Screening and Diagnosing Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Brief Literature Review
Tze Jui Goh
Joachim Diederich
Min Sung p. 276

Induction: Does Spacing Exemplars Affect Longer Term Retention?
Norehan Zulkiply
Jennifer S. Burt
John McLean
Debra Bath p. 291

What is person centered planning?
Juliet Roudini p. 299

Father-Child Affection in Chinese Culture
Xuan Li
Michael E. Lamb p. 315

Late Divorce: Better Late Than Never?
Sally Dreman Rachel
Rokach Ravit Steinmann p. 327