ISSN: 2186-4691 – The Asian Conference on Language Learning 2015: Official Conference Proceedings

ACLL2015 Art Center of Kobe, Kobe, Japan
ACLL2015 Conference Theme: “Integrated Practices: Creating Experiences to Enhance Learning”
Thursday, April 30 - Sunday, May 3, 2015
ISSN: 2186-4691

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Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

A Move Analysis of the "About Us" Page on University Engineering Websites
Shih-Jen Huang
Yu-Ling Chang

The Study of the First Year Students’ Multiple Intelligences in Learning English,
Faculty of Liberal Arts, RMUTSV

Kittiya Phisuthangkoon
Tassanee Kirisri

Effectiveness in Using the Learning Package on "How to Make Questions in English"
for Improving Speaking Skills of Degree Students

Tassanee Kirisri
Thanomsi Jenwitheesuk
Nattana Boontong

Investigating Students' Learning Styles in Studying Chinese, Rajamangala University
of Technology Srivijaya

Metas Panich

A Preliminary Investigation of the Effects of Visual Cues on Sentence Stress Production
of EFL Elementary Students

Lim-Ha Chan

A Cognitive Approach on Bidirectional Language Transfer: How to Figure Out the Ground?
Marc Tang
Min-Hsin Chen

Empowering and Engaging the ESL Learners in the Task-Based ESL Curriculum Evaluation
NJosephine P. Galicha

Innovative Learning Activities with the Use of Modern Educational Technology
Tomoko Miyakoshi

A Step-By-Step Approach to Learning English Vocabulary for Beginners as a Second Language
Hiromi Oshima

Meta-Level Intervention in Case-Based Teaching Method Implemented in Esp Course
Wan Safuraa Wan Osman

Using Drama-Based Projects in EFL Classroom: A Whole-Language Approach to Learning Language
Chia-Ti Heather Tseng

Role of First Culture Knowledge in Foreign Language: Socialization in Japanese English
Classroom Discourses

Hirokazu Nukuto

The Colour and the Shape of Translation in the Foreign Language Classroom: The Dis/Integration
of an Interdisciplinary Field?

Lucía Pintado Gutiérrez

Examining a Teacher Education Course in English for the Medium of Instruction Using 5Is
Paul C. Corrigan

English Translation of Thai Food Names and Description
Piyada Low

Engaging Students with Integrated Language Skills through Tailor Made Summer Camp Activities:
A Case Study

Yun-Fang Sun

The Role of Vocabulary in Reading Comprehension
Engku Haliza Engku Ibrahim
Isarji Sarudin
Ainon Jariah Muhamad

Explaining ESL Chinese Students' In-Class Participation Using the Theory of Planned Behavior:
An Exploratory Study

Davide Girardelli
Vijay Patel
Xiaogao Zhou

A Comparison of the Pedagogical Applicability of Two Approaches to Teaching English Word
Stress Patterns

Mohsen Pornour

Multiple Assessment Strategies and Rubrics for the 4Cs of 21st Century Skills
Yuri Jody Yujobo

Enhance Teachers' Composition Teaching Literacy and Autonomy through Online Interactive
Writing Course - "Learning by Doing": An Effective Way of Teacher Training

Cheng Gong
Chee Kuen Chin
Boon Pei Tay

Reinterpreting School Vandalism: A Textual Analysis
Alma B. Manera

Shared Adventures: How International Students from Four Continents Learn English Together
Gloria Chen

A Study of Theme and Information Structure in Postgraduate Business Students' Multimodal
Written Texts: A SF-MDA of Management Accounting Texts

Hesham Suleiman Dawoud Alyousef

Development of English Reading Comprehension Ability, Problem Solving Skills and Ethics
by Integrating Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy for Undergraduates

Prathuangsook Youngsathien

Learning from English Lecturers' Voices in Teaching Oral Communication in EFL Classrooms
in Indonesia

Paul Dominic Mercieca
Toni Jane Dobinson

An Analysis of the ESP for Economics: Approaches to Determine the Feasibility of a Reading
Program at Secondary Level as

Harison Mohd. Sidek
Hisham Daw Emsilakh

A Corpus-Based Analysis and Appraisal of News Reports on Protesters from Political
Conflicts in Thailand by Foreign News Agencies

Wimonwan Aungsuwan

The Influence of Saliency and Frequency of Morphosyntactic Structures on Attention to
Recasts during Spoken Interaction

Nutchaya Yatsom
Chomraj Patanasorn

Positive Outcomes of Contrastive Instruction on L2 Phonology
SM Mohibul Hasan

Feeling Righteous? Stress Shift in English L2 Learners
Yuwen Lai
Chih-Chun Chang

The Usage of Games (Adapted from Korean Reality Shows) in Oral English Classroom to
Increase Participation in Speaking

Hamzah Md Omar
Nurul Nazira Hamzah
Abdul Rashid Mohamed

The Effects of Using a Facebook Group in Teaching a Foreign Language
Cevdet Bala

Effects of a Professional Development Programme on New Zealand Language Teacher Beliefs
and Teaching Practice

Christine Biebricher

A Study of Anxiety Levels amongst Chinese Students for a Master Degree in Teaching
English to Speakers of Other Languages at a UK University

Xin Zhang

Vietnamese Learners' EFL Acquisition: From Basic Interpersonal Communicative Skills
to Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency

Pham Huu Duc

Application of Morphological Typology and English Affixation Instruction
Rathapol Thongtaeng

Finding a Voice in EFL Classroom Discussions: A Bakhtinian Interpretation of Formative

Daniel Parsons

Google-Assisted Language Learning: A Powerful Approach to Promote EFL
Adolescents’ Learner Autonomy

Sophie Tai

Studying How to Study Kanji: A Practical Approach
Michele Eduarda Brasil de Sá

Enhancing Reading Ability through Vocabulary Learning and Reading Satisfaction of
Grade Eight Thai Rural Students with Self- Made Stories of Virtue and Morality

Praneet Churam

Language Maintenance and Bilingualism: A Challenge for Modern Day Educators
Ragni Prasad

Integrated Teaching Strategy in the Reading Classroom
Cecilia B. Ikeguchi

Pechakucha Presentations in the Classroom - Supporting Language Learners with Public Speaking
Frances Shiobara

What Motivates You towards Academic Success? A Comparative Study
Samira Fahmi
Asli A. Hassan
Constance Eide

Foreign Language Education in the Wake of Globalization: The 'Learning-To-Communicate' Approach
Milena Agnieszka Guziak
Shoji Yokura

Using Personal Diaries to Improve Students' Academic Writing Skills in English
Brett Davies

Exploring International Programme Students' Intercultural Communication Competence in Thailand
Jirajittra Higgins

Error Analysis on Thai Regular Final Consonants Pronunciation of Chinese TFL University Students
Jitladawan Srisunthornthai

EFL Learners Perceptions of and Attitudes Toward the Use of Reader Theater for Improving
Oral Skills in an Esp Course

Nai-Ying Chang
Hao-Yuan Cheng

Class Book: A Case Study of a University English Class Sharing Their Experiences to
Enhance Learning with Peers

Kaya Kikuchi Munakata

A Comparative Study of Narrative Ability in English-Chinese Bilingual Primary School Students
Jing Yan

Improving Teacher Questions and Feedback through Action Research
Philip Head

The Frequent Errors in English Writing of Students Who Study in the English Writing
for Careers Course

Budsabong Saejew

Enhancing a Bridge Program with the First Year Experience Concept
Ronald H. Jones

The Derivation Words Recognition: Understanding the Suffixational Patterns of
English Vocabulary

Nizamuddin Sadiq

How to Teach the Expletive "It"
Takahiro Honda

Developing English Communicative Ability and Promoting Collaborative
Learning through Project-Based Voice Acting in an Holistic Approach

Young-Mee Kim

Exploring College Freshmen’s Motivational Factors:
Their Internal and External Connections

Jennifier T. Diamante