ISSN: 2186-4691 – The Asian Conference on Language Learning 2012 – Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: July 1st, 2012

"Globalization, Culture and Society: What role does language play?"

April 26-28 2012, Osaka, Japan

ISSN: 2186-4691

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Proceedings Contents

Role of Cultural Knowledge in Native English-Speakers' (NESTs) Teaching: "A critical review"
Hasan Alwadi pp. 1-25 View PDF

"Worldwide Education": A Study of English in International Schools
Noel Christe pp. 26-34 View PDF

The Missing Academic Standards for Target Language: The Case of Indigenous Languages in South African Universities
Paul Nkuna pp. 35-45 View PDF

Language Learning and its Facilitating Role in Understanding Culture
Yanfeng Qu pp. 46-55 View PDF

Innovative Asian Language Teaching and Learning: Case Studies from Melbourne, Australia
Naomi Wilks-Smith pp. 56-67 View PDF

Identity, Culture, and Language: Putting SLA Back in Context?
Ruihan Zhang pp. 68-74 View PDF

The Interaction between Lower- and Higher-level Processing in Foreign Language (FL) Reading: An Examination of the Inhibition and Compensation Hypotheses for Chinese University-level EFL Readers
Feifei Han pp. 75-86 View PDF

Xirsonga Language – Missing Link on the South Africa’s Higher Education Language Policies
Paul Hendry Nkuna
Ximbani Eric Mabaso pp. 87-98 View PDF

ESL Materials Developed By Mongolians and Problems Facing Secondary Schools
Bayarmaa Jamts
Enkhmaa Tsegmid pp. 99-108 View PDF

Indian Culture and Language: The Globally Reputed Phenomena
Taniya Chattaraj(Chakraborty)
Joydeep Banerjee pp. 109-117 View PDF

Stereotypes as Global Language Unities
Olesya Orlova pp. 118-123 View PDF

Factors Affecting Job Enabling English Proficiency (JEEP) Program Students' Willingness To Communicate In English
Annie Mae Berowa pp. 124-138 View PDF

Beyond Collaborative Learning: The Application of Social Software and Social Networking Sites
Shu-Fen Tseng
Chien-Lung Chan pp. 139-150 View PDF

Willingness to Communicate: The Effect of Conference Participation on Students' L2 Apprehension
Rieko Matsuoka pp. 151-164 View PDF

Applying DEA to Assess English Writing Progress of University Students Using “My Access” in Taiwan
Bernard Montoneri
Massoud Moslehpour
Huey-Nah Cindy Chou pp. 165-175 View PDF

Redefining English Language:The Existing Reality
Mukesh Yadav pp. 176-187 View PDF

Efficacy of the Use of Electronic Peer Feedback with Mixed Ability Students in the EFL Writing Class: Language and Cultural Barriers
Raveewan Wanchid pp. 188-199 View PDF

English Language Teaching: New Challenges, New Problems and New Solutions
Asiya Usmanova pp. 200-208 View PDF

Cultural Transcendentalism - A Theory of Stepping Out and Stepping In
Sean Gay pp. 209-213 View PDF

Wikis as a Tool for Individualism Among Non-English Majors at a Japanese University
Harry Carley pp. 214-221 View PDF

Cross-cultural Communication and Education for International Understanding through English Immersion Camp (EIC)
Deta Dewi Sidalt
Katsuhiko Muto
Masafumi Kikuta
Mika Adachi
Tatsuji Shinohara pp. 222-232 View PDF

A Language without a Culture?; Examining the Limitations of Learning and Using English as Language of Instruction in an Exclusive and Closed Culture
Ebere Asinobi-Iroadu pp. 233-243 View PDF

Preservation and Loss of Elements of Native Language: Resettlement in Martinique
Mahadevi Ramakrishnan pp. 244-252 View PDF

Applying Augmented Reality on an Ubiquitous Learning System for Supporting English Learning
Sheng-Wen Hsieh
Shu-Chun Ho
Cheng-Ming Chen pp. 253-264 View PDF

Globalization, Culture and Society: What Role does Language Play? --An Example from English Education in Japan Kuniko Miyanaga pp. 265-278 View PDF

Australian English: But a Blip in the World of Japanese Academia
Lara Promnitz-Hayashi pp. 290-305 View PDF

Language of Youngblood: The Discourse Practice of Young Column Writers in the Philippines
Nicanor Guinto pp. 306-322 View PDF

The Effects of Software Editor for Music Video Production to Enhance Creative Thinking of Undergraduate Students
Fisik Sean Buakanok pp. 323-332 View PDF

From Mirror Neurons to Comportment: The Role of Motor Learning in Second Language Acquisition
Randall Ulveland pp. 333-341 View PDF

Conceptualizing the Role of the English Language Teacher Within and Beyond the Native Speaker Construct: A Focus on Japan
Nathanael Rudolph
Yuko Igarashi pp. 342-357 View PDF

Transcribing and L2 Correction as a Route to Autonomous Focus on Form
Afsar Rouhi
Leila Hajipour pp. 358-370 View PDF

Blogging Impact on L2 Arab Undergraduates' Affect and Writing Performance
Rachid Bendriss pp. 371-380 View PDF

A Study of Learning Style and Some Characteristics Affecting English Learning Achievement of Chinese and Thai Undergraduates
Pongwat Fongkanta
Fisik Sean Buakanok pp. 381-389 View PDF

Partnerships for Global Nuclear Security: An Intercultural, Cross-Disciplinary Model for Bridging L40anguage Proficiency and Content Mastery
Alicia Brent
Lisa Donohoe Luscombe
Vera Verkhoturova
Yulia Falkovich pp. 390-395 View PDF

Teachers' use of the Target Language in Beginner-level Classrooms: The Influence of Learners' Affective State on Practice
Susan Oguro pp. 396-406 View PDF

Interlingual Code-switching As Verbal Tools: A Case Study of the Misings of the Brahmaputra Valley
Rajeev K. Doley pp. 407-418 View PDF

Visions of Language Teacher Education: Perspectives from Finland and Japan
Crystal Green pp. 419-428 View PDF

English as a Commodity: The Construction of Hybrid Identities of ESL Teachers in the Philippines
Rapunzel Tomacder pp. 429-443 View PDF

Age Matters: Motivated Language Learning and the Over Fifty
Ryan Smithers pp. 444-455 View PDF>

Developing Character Building Through Multicultural Reading Text
Tri Wahyuni Floriasti pp. 456-464 View PDF