ISSN: 2186-4691 – The Asian Conference on Language Learning 2011 – Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: August 1st, 2011

"Connecting Theory and Practice"

June 10-12 2011, Osaka, Japan

ISSN: 2186-4691

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Proceedings Contents

Educational Play in English: The New Sherlock
Rigoberto Castillo
Eduardo De Maestri pp. 1-5 View PDF

The Effect of Software Supported Electronic Feedback on L2 Learners' Writing Proficiency
Azadeh Mohandesi
Davud Kuhi pp. 6-17 View PDF

A Comparative Study British and Thai Undergraduates in Torrance Test of Creative Thinking
Fisik Sean Buakanok
Paisan Suwannoi
Amanda Jefferies
Neil Davey
Wanida Kanarkard
Wiroj Taweepworadej pp. 18-25 View PDF

Using Action Research in the Oral Communications Classroom
Marc Waterfield pp. 26-42 View PDF

World Englishes: Threat or Opportunity for Indonesians?
Lusia Neti Harwati pp. 43-47 View PDF

Effects of Corrective Feedback in the Prosodic Development of L2 Learners
Chun‐Mei Chen pp. 48-60 View PDF

An Investigation into the Cognitive Aspects of the Figurative Interpretations Demonstrated by Different Mothertongue
Masumi Azuma pp. 61-72 View PDF

A Case Study of Learning English Passive by Thai EFL Learners: Difficulties and Strategies
Daranee Choomthong pp. 73-87 View PDF

Teaching Nonviolence
Warren Decker pp. 88-103 View PDF

Some Practical Issues in the Design and Operation of Item Bank Calibrations. An Experience in the Context of Basque
Language Assessment
Javier López-Cuadrado
Rosa Arruabarrena
Anaje Armendariz
Tomás A. Pérez pp. 104-115 View PDF

Learning a Word: From Receptive to Productive Vocabulary Use
Hua Zhong pp. 116-126 View PDF

Learning English at Elementary School From the Perspective of Elementary School Students
Ayako Kawase Wanibuchi pp. 127-137 View PDF

The Study of Ability to Interpret Conversational Implicatures in English of Thai EFL Students
Supaporn Manowong pp. 138-148 View PDF

Teaching Low-frequency Vocabulary: How a Language Learning Computer Game Connects Theory to Practice
Amanda Muller pp. 149-157 View PDF

Infant Phoneme Acquisition and the EFL Classsroom
James Jensen pp. 158-199 View PDF

The Interlanguage of English Articles of Two Advanced Chinese Learners of English
Feifei Han pp. 200-204 View PDF

The Relationship Between Cross-Cultural Communication Activities and Student Motivation in Studying English as a Foreign
Hussein Zanaty pp. 205-259 View PDF

Reading Comprehension Strategies Used by NonEnglish Major First Year Students at Burapha University
Laphatrada O'Donnell pp. 260-273 View PDF

Speaking Naturally Beyond Grammar and Vocabulary Focusing on Instructing Pragmatics
Gabrielle Wallace pp. 274-283 View PDF

Writing in a Foreign Language: Chinese Students' Perspective on their Writing Process in Portuguese
Luis Barbeiro pp. 284-295 View PDF