ISSN: 2187-476X – The Asian Conference on Ethics, Religion & Philosophy 2012 – Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: February 4th, 2013


March 29-31 2012, Osaka, Japan


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Language, Testimony and the Moral Imperative
Kawuki Mukasa
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Reincarnation Vs. Resurrection: The Debate Ends
Abdulla Galadari
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Why Morality can Survive without Religion
Andrei Zavaliy
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The Ethical (Re)Configuration of the Body in Philip Roth's Exit Ghost
Chimin Chang
pp. 36-46 View PDF

Trust (Al-Amanah): A Comparative Study of its Application in Islamic and Western Science
Norunnajjah Ahmat
Cemil Akdogan
pp. 47-57 View PDF

The Concepts of the West and the East in Contemporary Discourse
Maria Marczewska-Rytko
pp. 58-68 View PDF

Two Modes of Harnessing Desire: Bernard of Clairvaux and Tantric Buddhism
Matthew Motyka
pp. 69-77 View PDF

Three Utilitarians: Hume, Bentham, and Mill
Yusuke Kaneko
pp. 78-93 View PDF

Buddhist Ethics and Globalization on the Basis of Bodhicaryavatara
Ramanath Pandey
pp. 94- 106 View PDF

Jove Rex Al: The Making of Filipino "Christ"
Palmo Iya
pp. 107-121 View PDF

Alternative Approach to Addressing Violence Against Women
Steve On
pp. 122-139 View PDF

Human Nature Theories in Product Design: From the Diamond Sutra to a Real-World Product
Yi-yang Ciou
Fu-yuan Li
pp. 140-152 View PDF

Harmonious Thought of Confucianism: A Solution for Development of Modern Society
Nguyen Ngoc Toan
pp. 153-158 View PDF

New Thoughts on Taiwan's Cultural Creative Industry: A Case Study on Architectural Works of Taipei City
Chia-Wei Kuo
Fu-Yuan Li
pp. 159-177 View PDF

The Role of the Psychiatrist in a Complex Mental Capacity Assessment - A Test Case Involving the Mental Capacity Act (2008) of Singapore
Lai Gwen Chan
pp. 178-187 View PDF

Trusting the Murderer - On Trust and Treachery in the Mythical Space
Claudia Simone Dorchain
pp. 188-195 View PDF

Full Disclosure to Subjects of Per Capita Payments or Enrollment/Retention Bonuses Paid by Pharmaceutical Companies to Researchers or their Institutions: The Role and Effects of Trust
Roy Spece
pp. 196-208 View PDF

Gogol's Overcoat in Taipei, 2011
Tsai-Luan Chang
pp. 209-217 View PDF

Ethics and Globalisation in the Work of Zygmunt Bauman
Bregham Dalgliesh
pp. 218-229 View PDF

Life Imperative, Self-Constitution and Trust: Wittgenstein Vs. Korsgaard and Heidegger
Kenny Siu Sing Huen
pp. 230-240 View PDF