ISSN: 2189-101X – The Asian Conference on Education & International Development 2016 Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: June 14th, 2016

ACEID2016, Kobe, Japan
Conference Theme 2016: “Education and Social Justice: Learning For Global Diversity”
Sunday, April 3 - Wednesday, April 6, 2016
ISSN: 2189-101X


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Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

Introducing an Integrative Approach for Studying Foreign Languages
in Higher Education: The Case of Belgrade Faculty of Philology

Aleksandra Vranes
Ljiljana Markovic
Biljana Djoric Francuski

Thai Student Teachers' Beliefs about Science Teaching and Learning
Artitaya Jituafua

Multiple Reading Program: An Assessment on Reading Comprehension
Ability of Thai University Students

Andy Noces Cubalit

The Level of Math Anxiety among the Students Who Consistently
Perform Poorly in Mathematics at Secondary Level Education in Bangladesh

Sabrina Syed
Naznine Anwar

The Washback Effect of National Exam’s New Policy
towards Mathematics Learning Process in Indonesia

Miftahul Hidayah

Chinese-Speaking University Students’ Use of Metacognitive
Strategies in English Listening

Lu-Fang Lin

Promoting Bioethical Decision Making for Grade 10 Students
through Socio-scientific Issues based Instruction

Jassada Ritsreeboon
Prasart Nuangchalerm

Measuring Service Quality in Higher Education: The Experience of
Technological Education Institute of Central Macedonia, Greece

George Karavasilis
Dimitrios Kyranakis
Dimitrios Paschaloudis
Vasiliki Vrana

Realistic Mathematics Education: An Approach for Overcoming Math
Anxiety of Junior High School Students in Semarang, Indonesia

Shofiayuningtyas Luftiani

School Head’s Sense of Efficacy and Climate among Private Schools
Laurence L. Soteo

Assessing the Metacognitive Awareness among the Foundation
in Engineering Students

Betsy Lee Guat Poh
Kasturi Muthoosamy
Chiang Choon Lai
Ooi Chel Gee

Exchanging Knowledge and Building Communities via International Networking
James Underwood

A Study for the Elderly Assistive Device Design and Learning Assessment
Huang Yu-Che
Huang Tai-Shen

Curriculum Leadership Practices of Administrators in
Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines

Dary E. Dacanay

The Effectiveness of Using Touchstone 1a to Promote
Low English Proficiency Students at College

Hui Lin Hsieh

A Study of the Line Official Account in University Public Relations
Chi-Hu Tien
Chia-Sung Yen

Cultural Differences on an Educational Intervention Program of Prosocial
Behavior and Metacognitive Strategies

Ayumi Umino

Culture and Leadership: How Indonesian Culture Influences
Leadership Practice: A Case Study in Uin Malang

Abdul Aziz

A Development of Scientific Method by Using Problem-Based Learning
Cooperated with Mind Mapping for Matthayomsueksa 4 Students

Rattapong Mapun
Kanyarat Cojorn

A Survey of Critical Thinking Skill of Matthayomsueksa
5 Students in Thailand

Paramast Wongchachom
Kanyarat Cojorn

Exploring the Framework and Implementation Efficacy of the
FLIPPED-ACTION Model in a College Bilingual-Education Class

Yee-Chia Hu

Game-Based Motion Sensing Game Training Systems to Improve Visual-Motor
Integration for Children with Developmental Delay in Special Education

Tsung-Han Hsieh
Shinn-Horng Chen
Wen-Hsien Ho

Studies in Historical Memory: A Path to Contemporary Understanding
Cecilia Fujishima

The Role of ESL Education for the Social and Economic Development
in Global Contexts

Diana P. L. Sham

Promoting Parental Involvement to Prevent Elementary Student Dropout
in Indonesia’s Backward Regions

Bulqia Masud

An Exploratory Study on the Relationship between Learning
Networks and Organizational Identity

Chao-Hua Li
Kun-Shan Su
Szu-Ju Lin

A Guideline of using Lesson Study for Preservice
Science Teachers in Thailand

Kanyarat Cojorn
Kanyarat Sonsupap

The Development of Teacher Knowledge in 4th Year Science
Teachers in Thailand Through Lesson Study

Kanyarat Sonsupap
Kanyarat Cojorn

Motivations and Attitudes of Students towards Tourism and
Hospitality Study: The Case of Thailand

Chanin Yoopetch
Jürg Stettler

Promoting Education for Sustainability in Early Childhood Education

Student Perceptions toward Computer Supported Collaborative
Learning on Chinese Language Learning

Chiayi Chen
Yan-Jin Pan

Automated Students’ Thai Online Homework Assignment Clustering
Thannicha Thongyoo
Somkid Saelee
Soradech Krootjohn

Entrepreneurial University: A Case Study of De La Salle
Araneta University

Dary E. Dacanay
Fe Jocelyn G. Dioquino
Dante J. Sauquillo

Development of Problem-Solving Ability, Using Problem-Based
Learning of Mathayomsuksa 5/8 Students at Borabuwittayakhan School,
Mahasarakham, Thailand

Pramote Rungsri
Ritthikrai Chai-Ngam

The Influences of ICT on High School Students' Understanding in
Physics Courses: A Review of the Literature

Ni Made Wiwik Astuti

Why Researchers Compared Education Internationally 1994 - 2009
and What This Tells Us about Why We Do This Today

James Underwood

Gender Differences in the Predicators of Intention to Attend
University Using an Extended Theory of Planned Behaviour Model

Grant Cooper
Rob Strathdee
Tasos Barkatsas

Perceptions of Classroom Learning Environments and Computer
Self-Efficacy Beliefs of Computer Science Students

Yuwarat Srisupawong
Ravinder Koul
Jariya Neanchaleay

The Audit Commission of Local Government in the UK
Yoshihiro Nagata

A Smart Guiding Tours of Eco-tourism for Taiwan’s Fairy Pitta:
The Service Design Viewpoint

Yi-Ting Chen
Wen-Shan Chang
Andrew Ed Kuo

Students’ First Language in the English as a Foreign Language (EFL)
Classroom in Ubon Ratchathani University “The students’ perspective”

Henry Fonji Achaleke

Problems That E-book Learners in Taiwan Encounter When
Producing E-books

Shin Liao
Chao-Fu Yang
Chui-Chu Yang
Yi-Chen Pan

Developing a 3D Interactive Tool for Learning OOP Concepts
Arwa Abdulaziz Allinjawi
Wejdan Eissa Moussa
Raniyah Mutlaq Almalki
Maryam Abdulrahman Alamoudi

Send Kids to the World: A Study on Using Postcards to Improve
Students' Writing Skills

Af'idatul Husniyah
Sri Andreani

Practice of 21st Century Skills-Oriented Project-Based Learning:
A Case for Developing Application Software

Yuki Kiridoshi
Ichiro Iimura

iPads and Autism: Using iPads for Autism and the Effects
of that on Learning Methods

Nusaybah Rajaallah Alghanmi

Building Opportunities for Children to Exercise
their Rights at School

Denys Serrano Arenas
Evaristo Arcos Miranda

Fostering Social Justice Orientation through Clinical Legal
Education in the Caribbean – Stakeholder Considerations

Petronilla Ruth Sylvester

The Perception of Science Secondary School Teachers towards the Science
Learning Problems of Lower Secondary School Students in Thailand

Benyapa Prachanant
Kamonwan Kanyaprasith
Parin Chaivisuthangkura

High School Students’ Understanding of the Nature of Science
Khuanruethai Thiangchanthathip
Pinit Khumwong
Kamonwan Kanyaprasith
Suthida Chamrat

Flipping with a MOOC: A Case Study of an English Academic Writing
Chia Pei Wu
Cheng Hsu

Active Compassion: Empowering Buddhist Nuns through STEM Education
Kat LaFever

Leading Change Together: A Pitch for Education, Community Engagement,
Social Justice, and Sustainable Development

Heide Hlawaty
Elvin T. Ramos

The Effectiveness of Authentic Material Application to Enhance EFL
Students’ Listening Comprehension

Surachai Rodngam
Monnipha Somphong