ISSN: 2186-5892 The Asian Conference on Education 2016: Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: December 21st, 2016

ACE2016, Art Center Kobe, Kobe, Japan
Conference Theme: “Education and Social Justice: Educating for Equality Within and Across Borders”
Thursday, October 20 - Sunday, October 23, 2016
ISSN: 2186-5892


Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

Assessment of the Youth Information Technology Education Program in Community Services
Dante V. Andal

Infographics: Effects on Student Coding Skills and Conceptual Understanding in Biology
Ma. Cecilia M. Sacopla
Rosanelia T. Yangco

Why Can’t Mine Be International?: An Exploration of the Challenges of Internationalisation in the Public Universities in Ghana
Gifty Oforiwaa Gyamera

Improving Student Learning by Growing a Teaching and Learning Culture in an Engineering School
L. C. Woollacott

Revisit the Hospitality Law Curriculum
Hin Cheung Annie Ko
Pimtong Tavitiyaman

Applying Wearable Technology in English Adaptive Learning and Evaluating Learning Performance
Shu-Chun Ho
Sheng-Wen Hsieh
Shin-Shian Sung

Factor Structure of Research Attitude among Graduate Students in Education
Janet Lynn S. Montemayor

Development of the Ability in Creative Problem Solving of Early Childhood Education major Students by Using Group Process Activities
Siriporn Wongtakom
Orathai Lao-alongkron
Sutisana Totanayanon
Wilaiwan Klientavorn
Monta Ratanachan

Achieving the Goal of Universalization of Education: A Situational Analysis of Chhattisgarh State, India
Sonal Mobar Roy

Examining Effects of Two Computer Programming Learning Strategies: Self-Explanation versus Reading Questions and Answers
Nancy Lee
Eunsook Hong

If You Write Back, Do It in English
Ljiljana Markovic
Biljana Djoric Francuski

Guidelines on Enhancing Education Quality in Film and Digital Media for Private Universities
Paninya Paksa

A Study on the Effectiveness of the Education Development Fund as a Post-Colonial Strategy to Control Non-Tertiary Education in Macao SAR
U Kei Ho

An Italian Case: Students with a Foreign Background in IVET and the Access to Italian as Second Language
Luisa Daniele

Japanese EFL Learners’ Experiences with Written Corrective Feedback
Nicholas Carr
Michiko Weinmann

What Students Want: A Study of Desirable Teacher Characteristics as Perceived by Their Students
Yuwanuch Gulatee

The Design of An Ecosystem-Education Board Game Integrating Role-Play and Peer-Learning Mechanism and Its Evaluation of Learning Effectiveness and Flow
Yi-Hui Lin
Huei-Tse Hou

High Scope Project Evaluation—The Impact of Congruency between Preferred and Actual Learning Environments on Tenth Graders’ Science Literacy
Chung-Yen Lin
Chun-Yen Chang
Ting-Kuang Yeh
Yu-Lin Chang

Lecturers’ Competencies in Higher Education in Indonesia to Support the Quality of Graduates (An Educational Policy Analysis)
Rachmie Sari Baso

Educational Policy and Management in the Equitable Allocation of School Resources: Budgetary Priorities and Funding in an American High School
Nathaniel Edwards

Learning Critical Incidents and Socio-Cultural Differences: An Interactive Tool of Reorienting Students in a Multicultural Classroom
Jim Duran

The Board Game Teaching with the Marine Science Educational Course on Students’ Learning Motivation, Interest, and Achievement in Junior High School
Shu-Wen Huang
Cheng-Chieh Chang

L2 Learners’ Awareness through a Joint Student Exchange Program
Sachiyo Nishikawa

On the Threshold: the Story of School Security Guards in Israel
Raz Shpeizer

The Influence of Using Movement-based Game Integrating Guided-Discovery Teaching Model in Safety Education
Yu-ching Chen

Oxbridge and the Nurturing of An 'Urban Gentry’ - The Reform of Oxford and Cambridge in the Mid-Nineteenth Century
Oliver E Hadingham

Challenges of Language Education in Post-Colonial Contexts
Etienne Marceau

School Bullying: Its Influences on Academic Performance of the Basic Education Students
Jomar Mendoza

The Relationship between Study habits, Attitudes, and Teaching Behavior and Achievement in Learning of Bachelor Level Students of Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna
Parichat Buacharoen
Noparat Techapunratanakul

The Relationships between Learning Experiences, Psychological Capital, and Student Engagement in Taiwan’s College Freshmen
NaiHao Chang
Po-Lin Chen

Leadership and Civic Engagement of Myanmar Refugee Students in the United States: Experiences, Influences and Aspirations
Ba Zan Lin

Entrepreneurship Education Questions and Good Practices in Hungary and Central and Eastern European Countries
Csaba Bálint Illés
Anna Dunay
Saeed Nosratabadi

Disability and Employment – An Overview on the Role of Education and Educators
Anna Dunay
Ambuj Sharma
Csaba Bálint Illés

A Study of Effects on Cognitive Load and Learning Achievement with Different Spatial Ability Using Synchronized Multi-Display
Ya Tang Wang
Chang Hwa Wang
Yu-Hsuan Chen

Project-Based Approach by Using the Song-Lyric Method in Teaching English Writing for Students of Music Department
Prima Dona Hapsari
FA. Wisnu Wirawan

A Gentleman’s Education - The Birth of the Public School Ideal in Mid-Nineteenth Century
Oliver E. Hadingham

Building People's Awareness on Using the Outdoor Advertising for Tourism Promotion Case Study: Tourism-Content Billboards in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
FA. Wisnu Wirawan
Prima Dona Hapsari

Implementing Mother Tongue Based-Multilingual Education in an Area of Armed Conflict in Southern Philippines: A Case Study
Ghea Ramona Tenchavez

Melodious Sound of Saw Sam Sai: Recording, Analytical Program Notes and Music Notaion
Pongsilp Arunrat

Classroom Climate: Implications to Students’ Academic Achievement
Alexander F. Suan

Applying Gamification in Vocational and Professional and Education and Training (VPET) Classroom to Engage Students’ Learning
Kit Man
Hing Yui

Student Assistantship Program: Advocating Inclusive Growth through Education
Cynthia A. Abella

Practices for Public Relations Effectiveness in Education and Social Justice within and across Borders
Maya Diah Nirwana

Minding the Gap: Confronting the Standardized Testing Mindset in Higher Education
James J. Briganti

Relationship between Teacher Efficacy and Attitude toward Inclusive Education in Inclusive Public Elementary School
Sulfani Nur Mawaddah
Tiza Meidrina
Frieda Maryam Mangunsong Siahaan
Pratiwi Widyasari

Impact of Posting Teaching Content Online in a French Course for Beginners
Bernard Montoneri

School Engagement: It’s Influence on the Academic Performance of College Students
Adora B. Velez