ISSN: 2186-5892 – The Asian Conference on Education 2012 – Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: February 1st, 2013

"Learning and Teaching Through Transformative Spaces"

October 24-38 2012, Osaka, Japan

ISSN: 2186-5892

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Proceedings Contents

Blended and Fully Online Courses: Comparisons Based on Student Self-Assessments
Yukiko Inoue-Smith pp. 1-11 View PDF

Does a Transnational Campus Fulfil Its Academic Purpose?
David Qian pp. 12-28 View PDF

A Near Peer Review Task for Language Learners
Hiroaki Umehara pp. 29-35 View PDF

Multiple Language Faculties in the Minds of ESL Learners
Wan Safuraa Wan Osman
Melor Md. Yunus pp. 36-53 View PDF

Perceptions of Japanese EFL Learners' /r/ and /l/ Pronunciation: Comparing Native Speakers' Ratings of Word-level Utterances
Brian Rubrecht pp. 54-65 View PDF

Quality of Online Courses at a Tertiary Learning Institution: From its Academic Staff’s Perspective
Lai Mei Leong
Chong Lin Koh pp. 66-75 View PDF

Attitudes of Heritage Language Speakers Language, Language Practices and Its Maintenance: Case of Sinhalese in Southern California
Krishantha Fedricks pp. 76-89 View PDF

A Non-Native Speaker's Language Acquisition and Learning in a Non-Native English-Speaking Context: A Case Study
Analiza Liezl Perez-Amurao pp. 90-101 View PDF

Developing the Inner Leader: The Journey Begins Today
Marcel Lebrun pp. 102-109 View PDF

Telling our Stories: Verbalising Written Reflections to Promote Self-Efficacy in Student Teachers
Jennifer Tan pp. 110-118 View PDF

Development of Local Wisdom Learning Management Model of ASEAN Focus School: A Case Study in Thailand
Thipwimol Wangkaewhiran pp. 119-129 View PDF

Desirable Characteristics of Pre-Service Teacher Student, Department of Psychology and Guidance, Rajabhat Rajanagarindra University, Thailand
Parinya Meesuk pp. 130-135 View PDF

Conversation Analysis in Task-Based Instruction — A Pedagogical Activity Design Model
Jhu-Cin Jhang pp. 136-152 View PDF

People’s Participation in the Activity of Pharmaceutical Development Project in Community, A Subject in Technical Pharmacy Study Program, Yala, Thailand
Chainarong Chootong pp. 153-159 View PDF

The Internal Quality Assurance System and Formative Evaluation of Thai Teacher TV Project
Pongthep Jiraro pp. 160-171 View PDF

English Language Teaching Textbooks in Iran: A Critical Analysis from Cultural Perspective
Mahdi Dahmardeh
Hossein Timcheh Memar
Abbas Timcheh Memar pp. 172-191 View PDF

Instrumental Motivation and CET Band 4
Cathy Zhang pp. 192-197 View PDF

"A Life-Changing Experience": Second Life as a Transformative Learning Space
Yvonne Masters
Sue Gregory pp. 198-207 View PDF

Using Digital Literacies to Foster Globally and Culturally Sensitive Adolescents: Speaking Up About Injustice
Janette Hughes
Laura Morrison pp. 208-219 View PDF

Enhancing Chemistry Learning with Moodle Application among Foundation Engineering Students - A Survey on Students' Perception
Kasturi Muthoosamy
Guat Poh Betsy Lee
Choon Lai Chiang pp. 220-235 View PDF

German and Japanese Education in the Shadow - Do Out-of-School Lessons Really Contribute to Class Reproduction?
Steve Entrich pp. 236-252 View PDF

An Examination of the Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Educational Theory in a Post-Modern World: Implications for Curriculum Design and Critical Thinking Skills
Nathaniel Edwards pp. 253-265 View PDF

Learning Motives of EFL Learners
Napaporn Srichanyachon pp. 266-272 View PDF

Internationalization Process Curriculum Approach for Distance Education in Higher Education in Iran
Mahdi Gheysari pp. 273-284 View PDF

The Production of Learning Space: A Spatial-Social Study of Higher Education Institutions in Hong Kong's Local Communities
Ricky, Yuk-kwan Ng pp. 285-306 View PDF

Schooling Experience of Asian Immigrant High School Students in the Midwest: Language, Identity, and Racialization
Hidehiro Endo pp. 307-320 View PDF

An Action Research of Design Thinking Integration to the High School Science and Technology Education
C.-H. Wang
C.-F. Li
Y.-H. Shyr
J.-H. Wang pp. 321-325 View PDF

A Framework for Transforming Faculty Development to Promote Mobile Teaching and Learning
Murali Krishnamurthi
Stephanie Richter pp. 326-336 View PDF

Geographic Information System (GIS) Management Strategies for schools in Bangkok Metropolitan Administration
Tongluck Jirawatcharakorn pp. 337-348 View PDF

The Study of Knowledge Management of Teacher Professional Training Schools, Faculty of Education, Rajaphat Rajanagarindra University, Thailand
Pojanee Mangkang pp. 349-357 View PDF

A Learning Process Suitable for Contents in Education Law Course
Kanporn Aiemphaya pp. 358-367 View PDF

Structural Model of Sketching Skills for Design Education
Yuichi Izu
Koichiro Sato
Takeo Kato
Yoshiki Ujiie
Yoshiyuki Matsuoka pp. 368-385 View PDF

Analysis of Students' Activities in the Language Exchange Program
Hiroshi Hasegawa pp. 386-401 View PDF

Through the Lens of Schools: An Examination of School-based Curriculum Innovation (SCI) in Technology-Driven Schools in Singapore
Li-Yi Wang
We-Leng Neo pp. 402-406 View PDF

Human Tape Recorders: Curricular Integration and Team Teaching in Japan
Arthur Rutson-Griffiths pp. 407-425 View PDF

The Relationship between Support Behavior of Physical Education Teachers and Amotivation of Students in Physical Education Activities at Schools
Mir Mohammad Kashef
Mohammad Mazyari
Mir Hassan Sayed Ameri pp. 426-432 View PDF

An Action Research Study to Foster Critical Thinking in an Indian Ismaili RE Classroom
Shelina Jalia pp. 433-444 View PDF

Online TESOL Programs: Trends, Benefits, and Challenges
Hye K. Pae
Holly Johnson pp. 445-456 View PDF

CodeSim: A Source Code Similarity Measurement Tool for Computer Programming Courses
Weijun Chen
ChenLing Duan pp. 457-468 View PDF

Combining GM(1,1) Model and Grey Relational Analysis to Improve Methods of Selecting Contestants in Education
Tian-Wei Sheu
Tzu-Liang Chen
Jian-Wei Tzeng
Ching-Pin Tsai
Masatake Nagai pp. 469-491 View PDF

Creative Learning Space: A Re-shaping of KMUTT Landscape Master Plan Towards Sustainable University
Apinya Limpaiboon pp. 492-503 View PDF

Investigation on Social Interaction and Learners' Perception in a Virtual World
Min-Tun Chuang
Hsin-Chieh Chen pp. 504-530 View PDF

Teaching Perspective Consciousness in an Undergraduate Global Education Course
Masataka Kasai pp. 531-543 View PDF

Impact of Learning Motivation on University Students' English Writing Progress by Using MyAccess
Bernard Montoneri
Massoud Moslehpour
Huey-Nah Cindy Chou pp. 544-557 View PDF

Engaging Polytechnic Students with Problem Based Learning in Civil Engineering Courses
Jagroop Singh
Sunil Dutt
M.L Ohri
Sonia Chawla pp. 558-571 View PDF

Work Together Learning (WTL): Experimenting with the Interrelation of Learning, Teaching and Working at the School of Architecture and Design (SoA+D), KMUTT
Duangkamol Limwongse
Pronyos Chattarakul pp. 572-582 View PDF

An Evaluation of an E-Learning Blended Course in UK
Qingyi Wang
Jiayong Fan pp. 583-592 View PDF

A Multiplicity of Place
Maggie Buxton pp. 593-598 View PDF

Developing of Industrial Design Program in Major Subjects to Suit for Local Students
Voraporn Tantikarun pp. 599-604 View PDF

The Effect of Moral Behavior Development Using Project Approach on Dental Public Health Students in Sirindhorn College of Public Health, Yala, Thailand
Kwanjit Pongrattanamarn pp. 605-611 View PDF

The Integration of Knowledge, the Academic Service and the Dissemination of Local Art and Culture of the Technical Pharmacy Students, Sirindhorn College of Public Health, Yala, Thailand
Arunothai Derramon pp. 612-618 View PDF

"Knowledge Diffusion": Developing Appropriate Approaches to Knowledge Transfer in Thai Rural Communities: A Case Study by King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT)
Pronyos Chattarakul
Duangkamol Limwongse pp. 619-625 View PDF

Effectiveness of Criteria for Pair Combination and Obstructive Factors of Pair Work in Computer Literacy Education
Yoshihiko Oya
Kimiko Uchida pp. 626-634 View PDF

Realisation of Changing Perceptual Qualities in Sculpture Produced Through Digital Processes
Sumita Chauhan pp.635-646 View PDF

Digital Knowing: E-Publishing and Student Text Book Usage
Finn Harvor pp. 647-657 View PDF

The Lesson Model Development of Science Concept Learning for Lower Secondary Students in Ban Phu Pittayasun School through Constructivist Paradigm and Science Camp Process
Nookorn Pathommapas pp. 658-674 View PDF

Multicultural Aspects in Elementary School Textbooks, and Teachers in Japan: An Investigation of Living, Learning, School Activities and Community Life
Jiyoung Seo
Jie Qi pp. 675-689 View PDF

Learning and Physical Environment Relationship Explored Through Primary Schools in Pune
Priyamvada Chitale
Milind Telang pp. 690-697 View PDF

Integrating Global Competence into the Japanese University Curriculum
Ashlyn Moehle pp. 698-714 View PDF

Primary Students’ Perspectives on the Use of Multiple Languages in Learning Science
Jualim Vela
Hideo Ikeda pp. 715-725 View PDF

Using Rough set to Investigate the Structure of the Misconception Order – Dual Linear Equations for example
Tian-Wei Sheu
Ching-Pin Tsai
Jian-Wei Tzeng
Tzu-Liang Chen
Masatake Nagai pp. 726-745 View PDF

Considerations and Suggestions on University Development Strategic Cluster Towards Sustainability
Nimit Mengveha
Apinya Limpaiboon pp. 746-751 View PDF

Project Based Learning (PjBL): Associating Comprehensive Learning and Skills Development in Civil Engineering
Asmidar Alias
Nur Asmaliza Mohd. Nor
Farah Wahida Mohd. Latib
Norshariza Mohamad Bhkari pp. 752-764 View PDF

"Teaching is Nothing, Research is Everything": How Built Environment, Engineering and Design Academics Perceive and Navigate the Teaching and Learning Culture in their Workplace
Evonne Miller
Rebekah Davis
Jill Franz pp. 765-775 View PDF

Limitations of Acceptable Speech and Practices of Normative Racism among Pre-Service Teachers
Elizabeth Reyes pp. 776-797 View PDF

Educational Evaluation Identification and Structural Analysis on Workshop-based Craft Product Design Course
Tian-Wei Sheu
Hsiu-Jye Chiang
Jung-Chin Liang
Masatake Nagai pp. 798-813 View PDF

Human Beings and Other Creatures: Education for Sustainable Development
Amy Wai Sum Lee pp. 814-820 View PDF

Audiovisual Translation as an Educational Tool in New Egypt
Muhammad Y Gamal pp. 821-832 View PDF

Leadership in Learning and Teaching Through International Cultural Communication
Marina Azarenkova pp. 833-842 View PDF

Measuring the Readiness to Adopt a Japanese Laboratory-Based Education Model: The Case of Indonesia
Kifayah Amar
Shuichi Ishiharada pp. 843-856 View PDF

Changes in the Role of Elementary School Teachers in Taiwan over the Past 60 Years
Pohsiu Kuo pp. 857-880 View PDF

Multilingualism and European Border Regions - A Polish-German Case
Monika Kowalonek-Janczarek pp. 881-889 View PDF

Online Language Learning: A Learner Perspective
Susan Yue Hua Sun pp. 890-904 View PDF

Powerful Impact of YouTube Upon Presentation Skill Development of MBA Students
Ketkanda Jaturongkachoke
Supamit Chanseawrassamee pp. 905-926 View PDF

Feasibility Issue of Form-Focused Instruction
Julia Mika Kawamoto pp. 927-944 View PDF

Toward an Authentic Leadership in Hong Kong Sub-Degree Education: Personal Philosophical Approach
Gary K. W. Wong pp. 945-953 View PDF

The Blended Learning Model with Active Learning for Knowledge Construction and Creative Problem Solving Ability for Undergraduate Students in Higher Education
Noawanit Songkram pp. 954-961 View PDF

Experiencing OBE in Hong Kong Higher Education: Indirect Measure of Generic Skills
Pamela Kwok
Kiki Chan pp. 962-970 View PDF

A Survey of the Effects of Principal and Teacher Leadership on Students’ Participation of High Schools
Ali Akbar Ghasemi
Khodanazar Farokhnejad
Bijan Abdollahi pp. 971-983 View PDF

American Indian Students in "Culture Blind" Schools
Donna Martinez pp. 984-993 View PDF

Karnataka to Kalamazoo: Fifteen Years of "Twinning Programmes" between India and Michigan
Howard Dooley pp. 994-1004 View PDF

Biology Teacher Beliefs and Practices on Learner-Centeredness: Perspectives from Lower Secondary Schools, Kandal Province, Cambodia
Sokha Kheam
Prudente Maricar S. pp. 1005-1017 View PDF

Developing and Assessing a Learning Style-Driven E-Learning System
Jeffrey Ingosan
Hajji Mar Espuerta
Brenda Candelario
Rojohn Osting pp. 1018-1026 View PDF

Exploring the Implementation of School-Based Management in Selected Public Schools in Cambodia: A Multiple Case Study
Kheang Thida
Luz Caroline Joy pp. 1027-1041 View PDF

Exploring Major Predictors of Student Satisfaction: An Input Towards a Learning-Friendly School Environment
Marilyn Balmeo
Allan Castr
Kristine Joy Caplis
Kizzylenn Camba
Jahziel Gillian Cruz
Marion Orap
Joroma Cabutotan pp. 1042-1061 View PDF

Analysing the Influence of Student Talk in the Meaning Making Process in a Religious Education Classroom in India
Shirin Huda pp. 1062-1076 View PDF

Economic Quantification of Ecosystem Services - Priority Research and Learning for Sustainable Development
Giani Gradinaru pp. 1077-1082 View PDF

A Phenomenological Study about Integrating Technology into English Language Curriculum
Majid Al-Amri pp. 1083-1087 View PDF

A Technology/Website for Speech and Text Synchronization Useful in the Training of Listening Comprehension in Foreign Language Learning
Ren-yuan Lyu
Wei-Jie Huang
Ci-yin Mao
Wei-chi Cheng
Chun-han Lai
Wun-fei Shie
Jing-yong Huang
Bo-ting Chen pp. 1088-1092 View PDF

Using Thai Folk Plays to Develop Mathematics Concepts of Pre-School Children
Siriporn Srichantha pp. 1093-1102 View PDF

The Effect of Bi-Modal Input (text and sound) on the Development of Second Language Listening Comprehension
Yan Wang
Lin He pp. 1103-1110 View PDF

Learning at Work - A discussion of Work Based learning at the University of Portsmouth
Fiona Message
Colin Gilbert-Wood
John Bishop pp. 1111-1121 View PDF

An Overview in Qualitative Study : Practices As Instructional Leaders among Secondary Schools Principals in The State of Pahang, Malaysia
Jamelaa Bibi Abdullah
Jainabee Md Kassim pp. 1122-1132 View PDF

A Literature Review on Twitter-Assisted Learning and Its Potential Application in ESL/EFL Writing
Hao Yuan Cheng
Nai-Ying Chang pp. 1133-1142 View PDF

"Inherently Unequal": The Long and Troubling History of Segregated Schools in "Moderate" Florida
Abel Bartley
Irv Winsboro pp. 1143-1165 View PDF

A Study on the Effect of Two-Tier Online Tests Integrated with Concept Cartoons on Aboriginal Students' Scientific Concepts in Taiwan
Tzu Hua Huang
Yuan Chen Liu
Jeny-Yi Chao
Kai Hsiang Yang
Wan Chun Lee pp. 1166-1172 View PDF

A Comparative Study of Cooperative and Collaborative Learning on Online Gamestyled Learning Systems
Yuan Chen Liu
Tzu Hua Huang
Wan Chun Lee
Horng Huei Wu pp. 1173-1182 View PDF

The Development of Learning Process for the Hometown of Chachoengsao Province Phase 1, 2011, Thailand
Thanyaphat Sirathatnararojana
Parinya Meesuk
Thipwimol Wangkaehiran
Pornnapa Lueaiklang
Sakorn Wuttisakchaikul pp. 1183-1187 View PDF

The Study of Relation between Crisis Management and In-service Training
Abutaleb Motallebi Varkani
Niloufar Mohammadtaheri
Habib Allah Sayari pp. 1188-1197 View PDF

Case Study: Students Perceptions of the Educational Environment of Basic Medical Science Program in Saudi Arabia
Eman Aldigs
Hind Abdulmajed pp. 1198-1211 View PDF

The Effect of Academic vs. Non-Academic Extra-Curricular Activities on Creative Writing: The Study of Iranian EFL Learners
Nasim Googol
Mahnaz Armat pp. 1212-1231 View PDF

The Use of Unqualified Science Teachers in Developing Countries: A Barrier to Achieving Sustainable Global Education
Vicent Naano Anney
Anne C. Hume
Richard Coll pp. 1232-1249 View PDF

How do the middle class families pursue upward generational mobility by accessing transnational higher education?
Eileen Yuk-ha Tsang pp. 1250-1266 View PDF

Independent Learning Resource Facility for English Language Learners
Quek Keow Chong
Geok Yan Kan
Connie Chan pp. 1267-1277 View PDF

Has the West Lost Sight of the Meaning of Education?
Mireille Carrère pp. 1278-1282 View PDF

Value Innovations in Learner-Centered Design: How to Develop Relevant Digital Learning Tools
Henning Breuer
Heinrich Schwarz
Kristina Feller
Mitsuji Matsumoto pp. 1283-1294 View PDF

Humour Translation in English Cartoons Subtitled into Persian
Maryam Armat
Mahnaz Armat
Nasim Googol pp. 1295-1306 View PDF

The Impact of Social Media to Students' Critical Thinking skills
Rizal Rizal
Anddy Steven pp. 1307-1317 View PDF

Developing a Location-based Mobile App to Save Heart Patients in Emergency
Durairaj Ponraj
Luo Zhiqiang
Ang Candy pp. 1318-1327 View PDF

Green Infrastructure Architecture for an Integrated E-Learning, Edutainment and Communications Service in Rural Area
Achmad Affandi
Diana Purwitasari
Bekti Cahyo Hidayanto
Royyana M Ijtidahie
Yoshifumi Chisaki
Tsuyoshi Usagaw pp. 1328-1340 View PDF

China English and Its Application in Chinese College English Teaching
Puyu Ning
Liangqiu Lv
Yushan Zhao pp. 1341-1348 View PDF

Literature and Film in Indian Bollywood Context
Purnima Debbarma pp. 1349-1353 View PDF

Science Education and Communication as Means for Social Justice - A Vygotskian's Point of View of Preschool Children of Foreign-Marriage Families in a Rural Area in Taiwan
Cheng Hsu
Chia-Pei Wu pp. 1354-1358 View PDF

Learning and Teaching Mathematics with GeoGebra and Microsoft Excel
Shi-Pui Kwan pp. 1359-1367 View PDF

English Language Education as a Lingua Franca in Asia
Michiko Nakano
Yusuke Kondo
Kazuharu Owada
Norifumi Ueda
Satoshi Yoshida pp. 1368-1389 View PDF

Stylistic Analysis of Barack H. Obama's Inaugural Address 2009
Rie Ito pp. 1390-1405 View PDF

Intergeneration Educational Mobility in Russia and the USSR
Yana Roshchina pp. 1406-1426 View PDF

Learning and Teaching Through Music
Galina Zenin pp. 1427-1430 View PDF

Language and its Relation to Multiracial and Multiethnic Identity Development
Mikio Brooks pp. 1431-1445 View PDF

Integration of Inclusive Education Subject in the Curriculum of Pre-service Teachers towards Transformation: Exploring its Impact and Effectiveness
Ronald Bustos
Jane Lartec
Almarraine Joy De Guzman
Cazel Casiano
Daisylyn Carpio
Heidee Suzanne Tongyofen pp. 1446-1474 View PDF

Reading Circles in the CBI Classroom; The Next Step in Learner-centered Instruction
James Briganti
William Collins pp. 1475-1485 View PDF

Second Language Education: Does Text Enhancement Have an Effect on Teaching and Learning Chinese Classifiers?
Chiu-Yin Wong pp. 1486-1515 View PDF

Process vs. Product: Does Competition have a place in the Teaching of Art?
Chor Leng Twardzik Ching pp. 1516-1527 View PDF

The Role of Higher Education System in Changing Students' Attitude toward their Field Study (Major)
Shapour Zarifian
Aaliyeh Ghassemzad Dejani pp. 1528-1532 View PDF

Methods to Develop of the Moral Behavior of Pharmaceutical Technique Students in Sirindhorn College of Public Health, Yala, Thailand
Parichat Utaipan pp. 1533-1541 View PDF

Dichotomy in the Design Studio: Adapting to New Blended Learning Environments [Stage 2] Lindy Osborne
Jill Franz
Susan Savage
Philip Crowther pp. 1542-1554 View PDF

Rolston's Aesthetics of Nature and Its Implications for Education
Chung-Ping Yang pp. 1555-1562 View PDF

Reforming Cambodia's Educational System
Jae Hyun Lee
Lewis Seagull
Hong Gu Lee
Ji Hee Yoon
Jae Han Lee pp. 1563-1576 View PDF

ICT-Enhanced TfU Research Lesson to Construct Concepts in Newton’s Law
Lee-Teo Lak Tin
Ling Wee Lee
Yeo Poh Huey pp. 1577-1609 View PDF

The Effect of Computer Assisted Instruction in the Course of Educational Psychology for Students of Faculty of Engineer, Division of Industrial Education, Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna, Chiangmai Campus
Pornpimon Waitayangkoon pp. 1610-1618 View PDF

Pedagogical Approach for an Integrated E-Learning
Durairaj Ponraj pp.1619-1631 View PDF

Techno-Humanistic-Based Character Education (A Series of Perspectives and Education Policies for Meeting Global Challenges)
Nyoman Dantes pp.1632-1644 View PDF

Turning Adversity at Home into Advantage at Destination: Malaysian Chinese Students in Taiwan
Ai-hsuan Sandra Ma pp.1645- 1659 View PDF