ISSN: 2186-5892 – The Asian Conference on Education 2011 – Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: February 1st, 2012

"Learning and Teaching in a Globalised World"

October 27-30 2011, Osaka, Japan

ISSN: 2186-5892


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Proceedings Contents

Teaching and Learning Road Map for Schools: Global and yet Local!
Mahmoud Mehrmohammadi pp. 1-7 View PDF

Collaborative Teaching for Elementary School Teachers Soonthonvittaya School, Ayutthaya, Thailand
Donrutai Boonprasitt pp. 8-17 View PDF

Teaching Lingua Franca Correctly: Motivation as a Key Factor in English Language Teaching – a Case Study in Hambantota, Sri Lanka
Upul Gamage pp. 18-25 View PDF

Lifelong Learning in Australian Academic Libraries
Tatum McPherson-Crowie pp. 26-42 View PDF

Verbal or Written form of Expression? Does it matter?
Romaizah Salleh
Asnah Wahab pp. 43-55 View PDF

Teaching Children in the Rural Areas in the Philippines: A Grassroots Approach to Special Education
Joel Durban pp. 56-70 View PDF

Exploring Mathematical Patterns in Pre-School Children's Artistic and Creative Drawing
Jamilah Yusof
Zainab Wahab pp. 71-82 View PDF

Unsolved Issues in ICT-Enhanced Approaches to Second/Foreign-Language Education
Hiroshi Hasegawa pp. 83-94 View PDF

Directions for Developing Educational Management for Immigrant Children with Community Participation: A Case Study of Baanlaem, Phetchaburi Thailand
Kamolthip Phonlabutra pp. 95-105 View PDF

Supporting Dyslexic Children in Learning Multiplication Facts with a Software-based Scaffolding: A Malaysian Experience
Ubaidullah Nor Hasbiah
Khairulanuar Samsudin
Jamilah Hamid Sairabanu
Omar Khan pp. 106-117 View PDF

Identifying the Needs to Facilitate Effective Mentoring Relationships
Debashrita Ghosh
Dastidar Tomoko Arikawa pp. 118-122 View PDF

Integrated Academic Information Systems In Relation of Enhancing the Competency of Teachers In The Web-Based Learning Method
Diena Noviarini pp. 123-151 View PDF

Roles of Sleep Quality, Cognitive Load, and Multiple Intelligences in Learning Achievement
Shujen Chang Lee
Ka Wai Ng pp. 152-157 View PDF

Contextual Influences on Chinese Language Learning Strategies Use of Students from Singapore Special Assistance Plan (SAP) Schools
Leng Leng Yeo pp. 158-170 View PDF

Scaffolding: An Effective Approach for Teaching English for Health Content Purposes
Aisha Alhussain pp. 171-191 View PDF

Study of Educational Impacts on Women's Tolerance of Gendered Violence at the Workplace in Iran
Mehrang Monfared Nazari
Emad Khayati pp. 192-201 View PDF

Researching Non-ethical Usage of Information Technologies by Teacher Training School Students
Ömer Beyhan pp. 202-209 View PDF

Feeding Adult Learners or Not: An Experience of a Non-native English Teacher in a State-owned Telecommunication Conglomerate in Thailand
Supamit Chanseawrassamee pp. 210-221 View PDF

Linguistic Reflections on the Shinshu Model: Examining Principles of Teacher/Childcare Provider Education from within the Local Community
Mitsutoshi Takayanagi
Kazuo Hashimoto
Kayoko Adachi pp. 222-234 View PDF

Practical Consideration on Pair Problem Solving in Computer Literacy Education
Oya Yoshihiko
Kimiko Uchida pp. 235-246 View PDF

Empowering Museum Guides to Take Part in Cultural Heritage Preservation
Retno Muljani Tjokroseputro pp. 247-272 View PDF

Intercultural Sensitivity of Foreign Teachers in Thai Public Secondary Schools
Jarakit Jantawej
Yoshihiko Inada pp. 273-285 View PDF

A Comparative Study of Management Styles of Male and Female Heads at Secondary School Level
Muhammad Basharat pp. 286-291 View PDF

How do Students of RE in Centre A in Karachi, respond to Collaborative Methods of Learning?
Karima Merchant pp. 292-318 View PDF

A Survey of the Effect of University Entrance Examination on the Aims of Secondary Education in Iran
Ali Asghar Khallaghi
Ahmad Hajforoush pp. 319-332 View PDF

The Effect of Using Task-Based Activities on Speaking Proficiency of EFL Learners
Amir Reza Nemat Tabrizi pp. 333-345 View PDF

The MBA Core Curriculum and the Teaching of Business English
Steven Rosen pp. 346-357 View PDF

Young Learners' Interactive Behaviors in Jigsaw Reading
Chingya Chiu
Nuowei Lee pp. 358-376 View PDF

Evaluation of Teaching Performance of English Courses by Applying Data Envelope Analysis and Two-phase Segmentation
Bernard Montoneri pp. 377-391 View PDF

Supporting Successful Academic and Social Transition of First Year Students into Higher Education: A Case Study of Entrepreneurship Students at RMIT University
Afreen Huq pp. 392-399 View PDF

Teaching American Studies in a Globalized World
Chester Proshan pp. 400-409 View PDF

Factors Affecting the Academic Achievement of Bachelor Degree Students on the Arts Education Program at the Faculty of Education, Loei Rajabhat University
Sripanyakorn Sripanyakorn pp. 410-418 View PDF

English Teachers' Attitudes Toward English Policy of Grade 1-9 Curriculum in Taiwan: A Case Study of ShanTian Elementary School
Wan-Ting Tseng
Li-jung Huang pp. 419-427 View PDF

The Effects of Visual Support from E-books on Young Learners' English Listening Comprehension and Attitudes Fengcheng Chiang
Hsingju Tsai pp. 428-444 View PDF

Bridging the Linguistic Gap: Toward a Unified Arabic Language
Hikmate Fahl
Salem Mohammed pp. 445-454 View PDF

Reading- Writing Connection: Reading English Novels to Develop Creative Writing Ability and Word Recognition Sirilak Infang pp. 455-459 View PDF

The Relationship between Students' Knowledge of Word Formation and their Reading Comprehension Skill in EFL Contexts
Hamidreza Fatemipour
Reza Vahdani Sanavi pp. 460-465 View PDF

Using a Blog to Facilitate Extensive Reading: An Exploratory Study
Magdalene Meow
Khee Chew
Catherine Cheng
Kiat Lee pp. 466-477 View PDF

Classification of Student Learning Ability Using Discriminant Analysis: Case Study of the Administration and Management College, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand
Rangsan Nochai pp. 478-483 View PDF

Visualization Model For Electric Circuits
Gerald Tembrevilla
Yoshihiko Inada pp. 484-495 View PDF

From Theory to Practice: The Learning Challenges for International Students to Succeed in a Malaysian Technical and Vocational (TVE) Higher Education Institution
Nur Sofurah Mohd Faiz pp. 496-505 View PDF

Information, Education, Awareness: A Pioneering International School (RSBI) Case in Indonesia
Dorien Kartikawangi pp. 506-516 View PDF

Development of the Coding Process Analysis System for Programming Education
Tatsuyuki Takano
Takashi Kohama
Osamu Miyakawa pp. 517-527 View PDF

Developing Learning Achievement of Statistic I Using Learning Packages
Parichat Buacharoen
Rattanakarn Khumson pp. 528-535 View PDF

A Study of the Supportive Culture, Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction among Academic Female Staff in Taiwan
Tu Chia-Ching
Liou Dian-Yan
Chang Shu-Hsuan pp. 536-545 View PDF

An Investigation into the Impact of Active Learning Approach within the Ismaili Muslim Religious Education Class in Karachi, Pakistan
Shahida Ibrahim pp. 546-566 View PDF

Epistemological and Paradigmatic Ecumenism in "Pasteur's Quadrant": Tales from Doctoral Research
Zita Lysaght pp. 567-579 View PDF

The Relationship between the Emotional Intelligence and the Academic Achievement of Prospective Teachers Saira Aijaz Ahmad pp. 580-589 View PDF

Witches in the Young Adult Fiction: Between Cautionary Tale and the Historical Truth
Amy Lee pp. 590-600 View PDF

The Modern Returnee: Lessons from Kikokusei for Cosmopolitan/Transcultural English Education
Carol Begg pp. 601-613 View PDF

Whither The Affective Domain in Lifelong Learning
Faridah Karim
Mohd Khan Jamal Khan
Basir Abidin
Sharifah Fauziah Syed Zain pp. 614-626 View PDF

The Sense of Awareness on Multicultural Education in Selected HEI’s in the Philippines: Implications to Institutional Transformation
Von Sarino pp. 627-639 View PDF

Implications of Hanyu Pinyin on the Learning of Chinese Language for Primary One Students with Dyslexia
Lee Alvina Hui Shan pp. 640-649 View PDF

Arise From Compassion: Peace Within, Peace Between
Yu-Mei Tsai
Master De-Yin pp. 650-671 View PDF

Age at School Entry, Accumulation of Human Capital and Educational Guidance: The Case of France
Nicolas Fleury pp. 672-699 View PDF

A Case for Using Dynamic Assessment in the Writing Classroom
Gavin Brooks pp. 700-708 View PDF

Are Standards-based Quality Systems a Threat to the Internationalization of Teaching and Learning?
Scott Thompson-Whiteside pp. 709-722 View PDF

Constructive E-learning - A Highway Towards Global Knowledge Economy
Nalini Patil pp. 723-735 View PDF

Application of Hermeneutics in Science Education
Syed Asad Abbas
Rizvi Nabi Bux Jumani
Muhammad Bilal pp. 736-748 View PDF

A Methodology to Develop Ontologies for Emerging Domains
Chai Meenorngwar pp. 749-761 View PDF

Affection to Action: Action Research on Care-for-Life Camp at Tzu Chi College of Technology
De-Yin Shih
Yu-Mei Tsai pp. 762-783 View PDF

Teaching Computer Programming to Non-computer Science Students
Weijun Chen
Xiu Li
Weidong Liu pp. 784-795 View PDF

Training English Teachers to Become Global Citizens
Sandy Kroh pp. 796-808 View PDF

On the Nature of Displacement Operations in Early Child Grammar of Japanese: A Preliminary Study
Yoichi Miyamoto
Nahoko Takahashi pp. 809-823 View PDF

Overcoming Behaviour Disorders in Students: Teacher Preparation with Learning Autonomy Narayanan Arunachalam pp. 824-862 View PDF

Globalization Into Glocalization: On Building Creative Industry Through Design Management
Yesy Marchita Arminozzi
Lia Yuldinawati pp. 863-870 View PDF

Reflecting on Final Year Learning Experience – Developing a Capstone Experience for Final Year Undergraduate Students
Yi Ching Li
Keith Thomas
Ching Yan Hung
Kin Chi Wong pp. 871-886 View PDF

Teaching and Learning of the Intercultural Training Program Using Information and Communication Technology in Higher Education in Japan
Yuko Kato pp. 887-894 View PDF

Supporting Professional Development through Reflective Practices: A Case Study of Six Student Teachers
Masahiro Saito pp. 895-907 View PDF

An Inclusive Sport Curriculum and Framework
Martina Kaumbulu Ebesugawa
Lori Wensley pp. 908-919 View PDF

A Hand-Held Device to Help Students Understand the Spectroscopic Principle
Piyachat Jittam pp. 920-930 View PDF

Reengineering the Undergraduate Engineering Final Year Projects Framework through an Integration of Concurrent Engineering Principles
Assad Iqbal
Ehtisham ul Hasnain Chishti
Asim Nisar pp. 931-938 View PDF

Using Self-reflection to Enhance Special Education Teachers' Learning
Porntip Chaiso pp. 939-948 View PDF

Web-based E-Learning System for LPC2148 Laboratories
Yi Sheng Wang
Ming-Chung Tang pp. 949-959 View PDF

Rethinking the Effectiveness of Multi-cultural Learning Experiences for Local Students
Kin-chi Wong
Keith Thomas pp. 960-966 View PDF

Shaping Students' Attitudes and Learning of Environmental Issues Through An Environmental Education Virtual World (EEVW)
Low Thomas
Kah Heng Koon
Lye Spencer
Khoo Kok Yong
Clifford Chua pp. 967-977 View PDF

Equal and Special Treatment in Education
Naokata Okajima pp. 978-984 View PDF

The Primacy of the Right over the Good in International Education
Wataru Asanuma pp. 985-996 View PDF

Student Perceptions of Japan in the Globalized Economy
Jerry Platt pp. 997-1008 View PDF

Make It Sing! A Defense of Literary Education
Myles Chilton pp. 1009-1016 View PDF

Using Facebook and Google Docs for Teaching and Sharing Information
Kanda Saikaew
Wit Krutkam
Rina Pattaramanon
Nutthanon Leelathakul
Kornchawal Chaipah
Charnnarong Saikaew
Arnut Chaosakul pp. 1017-1030 View PDF

An Institutional View of Programme-level Learning: Using Student Voice
Annisa Ho
Keith Thomas pp. 1031-1041 View PDF

"Global Education: Location or Locomotion?"
Marjo Mitsutomi pp. 1042-1050 View PDF

The Humanities Education of Universities in Thailand: A Reflection of Commoditized Knowledge
Jariya Nualnirun pp. 1051-1056 View PDF

Enhancing Learning Experience of Students with Specific Learning Difficulties with Augmented Reality: A Pilot Study
Sai-hau Ho pp. 1057-1062 View PDF

Attitudes of Pre-service Teachers towards Inclusive Education in UAE and Jordan (A comparative study) Mohammed Alzyoudi pp. 1063-1084 View PDF

Teacher Development Programs and Teacher Productivity in Secondary Schools in Edo State, Nigeria
Rosaline O. Osagie pp. 1085-1096 View PDF

A Construction of News about the May 19 Crackdown as Reported on CNN Online: A Semiotic Analysis
Narumol Chantrasupawong pp. 1097-1110 View PDF

Reading and Writing in the Subject Areas: Targeted, Discipline-based Interactive Resources for 1st Year UG Students
Terry Royce
Mark Sakaguchi pp. 1111-1124 View PDF