ISSN: 2187-4751 – The Asian Conference on Cultural Studies 2012 – Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: August 1st, 2012

"Encounters and Exchanges"

June 1-3 2012 - Osaka, Japan

ISSN: 2187-4751


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Unfortunately Funny - Laughing out Loud at Life Misfortunes: Signifying Dark Humors in Jakarta Street Motorcycles Stickers
Andreas Akun pp. 1-10 View PDF

Diasporic Identities in V.S. Naipaul`s The Mimic Men
Chia Ping Weng pp.11-23 View PDF

Magical Transformation in the Films of Hayao Miyazaki
Jane A. Lightburn pp. 24-35 View PDF

Growing up Australian: Exploring the Ethnic Identity Negotiation of Second Generation Vietnamese Youth
Selina Tang pp. 36-47 View PDF

Stereotyped Female Characters in Fairy Tales: A Comparison of English and Chinese Fairy Tales
Shu-Hu(e)i Lin pp. 48-57 View PDF

Managing a Plural Society: Issues and Challenges of Multiculturalism in Malaysia
Tan Cheng Im pp. 58-68 View PDF

Showa Women Writers on Food: Koda Aya
Ekaterina Phartushnaya pp. 69-79 View PDF

Confinement and Transgression in Eugene O'Neill's The Hairy Ape and Arthur Miller's The Crucible
Hui-Chun Li pp. 80-91 View PDF

Reconciliation As the Transformations of Self and Place in A New World Order
Adelle Barry pp. 92-101 View PDF

Re-presenting Black Culture: A Case Study on 6 Chinese Versions of the Novel The Color Purple
Elaine Tzu-yi Lee pp. 102-113 View PDF

Identity Negotiation and Image of Dutch-Indonesian Descents in Mass Media and Contemporary Indonesian Postcolonial Film
Yusri Fajar pp. 114-122 View PDF

Thai Graphic Design Culture: A Review of Thai Graphic Design History and The Role of Graphic Designers in Thai Society
Khemmiga Teerapong
Marsha Berry
Yoko Akama pp. 123-135 View PDF

Cultural Reconstruction Through Science Communication in Indonesia: A Rhetorical Approach
Suranti Trisnawati pp. 136-144 View PDF

The Style of Interiority: The Zen-Modern Self in Shiga Naoya's An'ya kōro
Jacob Lee pp. 145-151 View PDF

Goan Temples: Symbols of Cultural Annihilation and Resurgence
Padmaja Kamat pp. 152-160 View PDF

Thai Boxing and Embodiment: The Construction of Masculinity through Sportsmanship
Jakkrit Sangkhamanee pp. 161-172 View PDF

Listening To The Waves Chanoyu Outside Japan
Alexandre Avdulov pp. 173-181 View PDF

Conceptualization Of Urban Space in Wu Jingzi’s The Scholars
Fang Xie pp. 182-193 View PDF

The 'Gambatte ' Project; An Action Research Applicatio: The 2010 South Africa World Cup Media Publicity and Cultural Exchange Initiative Project Conducted in Japan between 2007-2010
Bheki Hlabane pp. 194-209 View PDF

The Gay Artists Journey between France and Thailand through Diverse Art Forms in Contemporary Dance Theatre Performance
Sun Tawalwongsri pp. 210-221 View PDF

Chinatown as a Mnemonic Site: Restaurant and Chinese Canadian Special Stories in Fred Wah's Diamond Grill
Fang Jeng Liu pp. 222-232 View PDF

An Encounter with Difference: Images of Macao and China in the Works of two Portuguese Writers ( Ferreira de Castro and Miguel Torga)
Dora Gago pp. 233-240 View PDF

Corporeal Politics of Shadow Globalization: The Invisible Other and Dark London in Monica Ali's “In the Kitchen”
Pei-Chen Liao pp. 241-251 View PDF

From Official Nationalism to Popular Nationalism: Eating Culture in Contemporary Taiwanese Hsiang Tu Dramas
Linden Yu-sheng Chen pp. 252-267 View PDF

Crossing the Boundary: Towards Harmonisation in East Asia
Seiko Yasumoto pp. 268-281 View PDF