ISSN: 2187-4751 – The Asian Conference on Cultural Studies 2011 – Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: August 1st, 2011

"Brave New World"

March 23-25 2011, Osaka, Japan

ISSN: 2187-4751


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Proceedings Contents

Cross Cultural Perspective of Research Ethics in Southeast Asia
Mary Ditton p. 1

Original or Western Imitation: The Case of Arab Theatre
Abdulaziz Alabdullah p. 26

"And in my heart unmake what seems inhospitable and out of place": Landscapes of Inclusion in
Marlene van Niekerk's Memorandum (2006)
Lara Buxbaum p. 37

Knowledge Transfer Process of Thai Traditional Drum by Local Philosophers
Thuntuch Viphatphumiprathes p. 50

The Polarization of Hindi and Urdu
Christine Everaert p. 62

Redefining Kung Fu Body: The Spectacle of Kung Fu Panda
Wayne Wong p. 76

Politics of Negotiation: Thai Gay Men's Appropriation of Public Space
Jaray Singhakowinta p. 84

Good Community for a New Brave World
Andrzej Szahaj p. 97

‘Brave New World’ Bridging the Divide through Collaboration Beyond Boundaries: An
Examination of Ensuing Interdependence between the West and Africa in the 21st century
Chukwunenye Clifford Njoku p.104

Postmodern Sex and Love in Murakami Haruki’s Norwegian Wood
Yat-him Michael Tsang p. 119

Discovering Minorities in Japan: First Korean Representations in Japanese Cinema
Marcos Pablo Centeno Martin p. 125

Methodological Trouble: Re-Considering the Phenomenologist Exploration on the Identity of Thai
Sant Suwatcharapinun p. 139

Tourism as the Cultural Governance: Jiangs, Mainland Tourist and the (de)politicization of
Cross-border Mobility
Chun-Kai Woo p. 147

Consumption Performativity, Deployment and Boycott Among Taiwanese Gay Men - A
Critical Case Study of the ‘Chao Ge Phenomenon'
Dennis Chwen-der Lin p. 162

American Migrants in the Yokohama Treaty Port: The Construction of National Identity
Chester Proshan p. 175

The Reconstruction of Good and Bad through Melodrama in Modern Thai Society
Nareenoot Damrongchai p. 196

A Study of the Memory of Place of Tadao Ando's Architecture
Ping-Yu Tsai
Ching-I Wu
Cheng-Chih Liu p. 208

The Seduction of Nonsense: From Kuso to Baudrillard and Back
Tsung-huei Huang
Yen-bin Chiou p. 221

Are Civilizations Closed Monads? (F. Koneczny and S.P. Huntington)
Marek Jakubowski p. 224

The Kimono in the Mirror of European Oriental-ism
Svitlana Rybalko p. 231

The Impact of Politics in the Development of Contemporary African and Palestinian Literatures
Ali Yigit
Mahmut Kaleli p. 256

Comparative Studies on the Collective Learning Processes Involved in the Establishment and
Operation of local Museums in Thailand
Yanin Rugwongwan p. 266

The Impact of Social Change on the Transformation in the Traditional Dwelling of Central
Piyarat Mullard p. 276

The Poor and the Media in Turkey: Looking at Each Other
Emre Gokalp
Hakan Ergul
Incilay Cangoz p. 290

"We share the work but not the role"
Anette Schumacher p. 307