ISSN: 2187-4735 – The Asian Conference on Asian Studies 2011 – Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: August 1st, 2011

"Learning from the Past: Looking to the Future"

June 2-5 2011, Osaka, Japan

ISSN: 2187-4735


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Proceedings Contents

Alternative Futures for Governance in Burma: 2040
Wylma Samaranayake-Robinson p. 1

Finding the Path for the Deltaic Eco-city: Orchard Settlement in Bangkok and its Vicinity
Terdsak Tachakitkachorn p. 13

Understanding Institutional Change and Persistence to Anticipate Future Livelihoods
Tanya Jakimow p. 24

Survival of the Fittest: An Eclectic Approach to Exploring the Motif of Globality in Pankaj
Mishra's Selected Works
Mohsen Masoomi p. 35

Fabricating the Past through Folklore in Ming Cher’s Spider Boys
Angela Frattarola p. 47

Where Everyone was Other: Jews in the Yokohama Treaty Port, 1859-1899
Chester Proshan p. 60

The Whereabouts of Conducting Research in Malaysian Setting in Exploring Malay Mothers'
Experiences of Having a Child With Cancer: Learning the Cultural Variation from the Past for the
Practicality of the Future
Nurhafizah Mohd Sukor p. 76

Communal Political Paradigm after the 2008 Election in Malaysia
Noriyuki Segawa p. 83

Thailand's Responses to CEDAW: 26 years of Women's Human Rights
Kanyanattha Ittinitiwut p. 95

Between Original and Host Societies: the Reconstructed Past of Picture Brides
Enyu Lin p. 108

Future Korean Urban Transformation as the Result of Integration of Urban Administrative
Hyeongkyu Cho p. 116

Demographic Studies in Hong Kong: How Cross-border Birth Influences Hong Kong's
Fertility and Demographic Structure
Nancy Ling Sze Leung p. 132

Perceptions and Measurement of Family Welfare In Indonesia: A Qualitative Systematic
Rina Herartri p. 145

A Study of the Parallel Passages of Hanshi Waizhuan Found in Alfred Forke’s
Translation of Lunheng
Pak-ka Chan p. 162

Iran Studies: Lack of Comprehensive Approach
Mahdi Faraz
Raziyeh Keivan Ara p. 176

Effects of Cognitive Styles on a Virtual Learning Companion System as an Adjunct to
Classroom Instructions
Sheng-Wen Hsieh
Min-Ping Wu p. 182

Sulawesi in Indonesia
Go Iwata p. 192

“Imagined Innocence Lost: The Performance of Post-Indigeneity in Hosoe Eikoh and
Hijikata Tatsumi’s Kamaitachi”
Michael Sakamoto p. 205

Where is My Bamboo Shoot? A Silent Question from Native People in Northern Lao PDR
Werapong Mesathan p. 217

Welfare Effects of Access to Water Services in Cambodia
Theara Horn p. 221

Examining the Regional Security Dynamics in the Persian Gulf in the Post-Saddam Era:
The Case of Anti-Americanism
Fatemeh Shayan p. 234