ISSN: 2186-229X – The Asian Conference on Arts and Humanities 2016 Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: August 10th, 2016

ACAH2016, Kobe, Japan
Conference Theme 2016: “Justice”
Thursday, April 7 - Sunday, April 10, 2016
ISSN: 2186-229X

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Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

Tagubhang: The Lifeblood of Living Traditions
Lourdes Lobis Nieva

Pali-Sanskrit Word and Expression Used in the Royal
Tutelage of HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej

Kowit Pimpuang

The Otaku Culture in Brazil: The Brazilian Manga,
the Impact in the Medias and the Cultural Miscegenation Processes

Andre Noro

Digital Writing in the Workplace:
The Present and the Future

Marie-Josée Goulet

Applying A Project Management Strategy to Rule of Law Programs:
Recommendations for Myanmar Based on Lessons Learned from Afghanistan

Jason Briggs
Moin Khan

Future Development in Community Murals and
Future Investment in Teaching Artists

Kong Ho

The Reflection of Justice in Performing Arts;
A Case Study of Contemporary Performing Arts “Mae-Dok-Bhu-Son”

Mutjarin Ittiphong

Disneyization of Davao City’s Public Spaces:
The Myth and Amusement in Kublai Millan’s Not-So-Indigenous Sculptures

Jp E. Fortinez

Justice as Mercy and Revenge: Antigone, Medea,
Montecristo, Yong Pal

Roberto Bertoni

Role of Televisual Literacy in Second Language Teaching
Reena Mittal

September 11, 2001: U.S. Ruling Class’s Agenda for Hegemony
Engy Moussa

The Co-Created Performing Artistic Space:
The Urban Office Garden

Chollada Thongtawee

The Effect of Explicit Grammar Instruction on Language Learning
Pahala Baruwattegedara Sampath Lakshala Pushpa Kumara

Peaking Emotions Positively: Discovering Viewers’
Justice in Reality TV and all Its Glory!

Nurul Nisa Omar
Wong Lee Sa
Stephanie Ong Chye Lyng

The Ghostly Double: The Crisis of (Gendered) Subjectivity
and the Self in Asato Mari’s Bairokêshon

Shana Sanusi

An Investigation on Vibrotactile Emotional
Patterns for the Blindfolded People

Hsin-Fu Huang
Hao-Cheng Chiang

Discussion and Application of 3D and 2D Aperture Problems
Guang-Dah Chen
Yi-Yin Wang

A Preliminary Study of Sport Interest on High School Students
in Special Education by Applying Picture Books

Hui-Ying Chen
Shu-Wen Liu

Justice- Adrift in the Filmosphere
Shankhamala Ray

Using a Role Play to Improve Stress and Intonation for Thai Learners
Sukanya Chootharat
Anchalee Veerachaisantikul
Chattraporn Junnak

Embedding of Buddhism that Reflected through Language of Thai People
Methawee Yuttapongtada

The Relation between Justice and Martyrdoms in Religious Art:
The Paintings in the Church of the Gesù depicting Japanese Martyrdoms

José Blanco-Perales

The Sound Exchange of Movement: A Study on the Current
Soundscape Conditions of Taiwan's Metro System

Cheng-ping Mao
Li-Shu Lu

“The White Man’s Burden” Politics of Volunteer Tourism
Ranjan Bandyopadhyay

Production of Urban Spaces for the Creation of a
'Modern Society' In Turkey

Birge Yildirim Okta

The Attitude of the Pre-Islamic Arabs towards Arts and Crafts
Ahmad Ghabin

Applying Digital Media Design in Elementary School
– The Case Study with Soma Cube

Ching-Yuan Yang
Jalin K. Huang

Aesthetics of Villages: Analyze Related Cases of the
Combination of Art and Living

Yi-Wun Lin
Li-Shu Lu

The Medieval University
Oliver Hadingham

Effects of Robotic Dogs as Catalysts for Social Interactions:
A Preliminary Study

Hsiao-Chen You
Ying-Yu Huang
Yi-Shin Deng

The Investigation Research of the Group of Active Aging with
Experiencing the High-Tech Eco-Travel Interactive Situation

Guan-Yuan Huang
Li-Shu Lu

Constructing a Rubrics of Peer Assessment Applied on Online
Course in 2D Animation Production

Hsi-Hsun Yang
Sing-Yi Wang
Shih-Chang Chen

Design and Developing Technology Integrated into Learning Origami:
Using the Origami of One Straight Cut as an Example

Hsi-Hsun Yang
Yuan-Ting Chen
Sheng-Kai Yin

Heroes Seeking for Their Own Justice as a Cultural
Reflection on New Turkish Cinema

Tugba Elmaci

Personal Branding of Jesus –Portrayed in the Movies 1897-2014:
Applying Meaning Theory of Media Portrayal

Carly Stiana Scheffer-Sumampouw

Jesus in Film: Audience Reception from Poster Promotional Film
Magdalena Lestari Ginting

New Ceramics Out of Brunei Darussalam: A Teaching Exhibition
Martie Geiger-Ho

Survey on the Role of Visual Arts in Reading Motivation and Visual
Tranquility among Managers, Librarians and Library Users of Tehran

Zohreh Mirhosseini
Maryam Arabzade

Transgender Seeking for Justice: An Analysis of Transgender
Images in "Madame X"

Ferry Kurniawan

A Communication Requirements Research of Children with
Severe Cerebral Palsy

Tseng Yu-Wei
Chou Wen-Huei

Schematic Figures as Foregrounding Elements in
John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Speech

Trisnowati Tanto

"Hao Shi Duo Mo": The Combination Practice of
Gameplay and Culture Art with IPO-AER Principle

Yi-Shiuan He
Saiau-Yue Tsau
Ko-Chiu Wu

Overlooking Injustices for National Pride: Inside the Australian War
Memorial's Representation of the Papua New Guineans During WWII

Erika K. Smith

Whose Voice? Love Legend of Phra Khanong:
A Case of "Mak, Nak and People of Phra Khanong"

Arunwadi Leewananthawet