ISSN: 2186-229X – The Asian Conference on Arts and Humanities 2012 – Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: February 1st, 2013

'Exchanges and Encounters'

April 5-8, 2012, Osaka, Japan

ISSN: 2186-229X

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Spatial and Sexual Disorientation in the Films of Tsai Ming-liang
Nicholas de Villiers
pp. 1-9 View PDF

Perceptual and Demographic Variables of Sense of Place in a Religious Setting
Seyed Maziar Mazloom
Syed Iskandar Ariffin
Raja Nafida Raja Shahminan
pp. 10-40 View PDF

Collaborative Mural Painting Teaching Experience in Bulgaria
Kong Ho
pp. 41-54 View PDF

Creating New Landmark For The Mah Meri Indigenous Community In Malaysia
Nur Hisham Ibrahim
Dan Wollmering
pp. 55-75 View PDF

Sustainability Threats and Policies in the Arab States: A Public Awareness Study
Mohammed Alhefnawy
Mohammed Shaawat
pp. 76-81 View PDF

Okimono: A Dialogue between East and West
Svitlana Ryblko
pp. 82-91 View PDF

Venus and Mars Encountering Earth by Language
Hajar Ghafarpour
pp. 92-101 View PDF

Best Practices: The Seven Habits
Joanne Trina Moreno Javier
pp. 102-113 View PDF

Repositioning Ikebana in Contemporary Art
Shoso Shimbo
pp. 114-123 View PDF

Effects of Text Formats on College Students' Self-Efficacy
Zola Chi-Chin Lai
Feng Sheng Hung
pp. 124-145 View PDF

The Influence of Transportation Revolution to Local Tourism Development —Example for Puli Area of Taiwan
Ya Hui Hsueh
Hsiu Yuan Tseng
Shu Mei Wang
pp.146-161 View PDF

The Spatial Diffusion of Mushroom Cultivation in Xinshe Area of Taiwan
Ya-Hui Hsueh
Mei-Yue Lin
pp. 162-174 View PDF

Asians ain’t Asians -Asian Students are not all the Same
Etsuko Toyoda
pp. 175-182 View PDF

Colonial Representations and Mimicry in the Photographic and Fashion Practices of the Early Ottoman Empire
Fulya Ertem
Dilek Himam
pp. 183-200 View PDF

Gender Differences Are Predictors of Workplace Bullying
Mei-Ling Wang
pp. 201-211 View PDF

Changing Peripheries – East-West Relations during the Growth of Globalization
Olavi K. Fält
pp. 212-220 View PDF

Voices from the Dance Floor: Re-presenting the Subalterns
Solehah Ishak
pp. 221-238 View PDF

Homosexuality in ...dalam Botol ( a Bottle, 2011): Close Up (CU) through the Islamic Perspective
Putri Tasnim Mohd Arif
pp. 239-252 View PDF

Retrospection and Prodigy: Memory and Childhood Toys in the Creation of Contemporary Ceramic Art using a Hybrid of Clay Slip and Absorbent Material
Mohd Khairi Baharom
George Aslanis
pp. 253-268 View PDF

Mapping Spatial Ongoing Change of Thai dialects: A Case of Transition Area of Central Thai, Northern Thai, and Northeastern Thai
Sirivilai Teerarojanarat
Kalaya Tingsabadh
pp. 269-290 View PDF

The Vivaldi Effect on Emotional Regulation of Babies
Angela Astri Eka Wahyuni Soemantri
pp. 291-295 View PDF

The Encounter of Hybridity with Space in Narratives: Life Stories of Military Dependents' Villages in Taiwan
Pei-Ling Lee
pp. 296-304 View PDF

When the East Meets the West: The Educational Career of George L. Mackay in Formosa, 1872-1901
Huan-Sheng Peng
pp. 305-316 View PDF

Perceptions towards E-Learning Mediating the Link between Motivational Factors and Academic Performance of Distance Learners
Zulnaidi Yaacob
pp. 317-326 View PDF

International Economic Relation Under Tunku Abdul Rahman And Mahathir: A Comparative Study
Faridah Jaafar
pp. 327-340 View PDF

Recentring Multiculturalism in Malaysia: Nationalist Encounters and On-Screen Exchanges
Hong Chuang Loo pp.
341-354 View PDF

Australian-American Alliance in Vietnam War
Sah Hadiyatan Ismail
pp. 355-364 View PDF

Traditional Performing Arts Practices of Taiwanese Opera and Hand Puppetry
Yuan-Ting Tsai
pp. 365-378 View PDF

The Enlightenment from New Zealand's Experience of the Development of Kohanga Reo and its Implications to Plan for Taiwan's Indigenous Language Teaching in Early Childhood Education
Li-Huei Chen
pp. 379-392 View PDF

Location-based Services: Discourse of Efficient Spatiality
Tatjana Todorovic
pp. 393-404 View PDF

Transinterpretation of Quranic Words Based on Semantic Network Theory and Devising their Data Base
Sharareh Sadat Sarsarabi
pp. 405-414 View PDF

Zen Master Toko Shinetsu's Contributions through Cultural Exchange between China and Japan in Regards to Guqin Music
Mei-Yen Lee
pp. 415-426 View PDF

Likay Akaoni: Encounter and Exchange of Intercultural Performance
Sukanya Sompiboon
pp. 427-439 View PDF

Are You “Buzz” Enough?
Ema Apriyani
pp. 440-453 View PDF

Encountering Mandela on Screen: Transnational Collaboration in Mandela Image Production from 1987-2010
Okaka Dokotum
pp. 454-462 View PDF

The Spatial Structure of Ping-Shi destination zone of Taiwan
Yu-Shan Lin
Ya hui Hsueh
pp. 463-475 View PDF

Learning Experiences of International Students in Taiwan: A Cultural Hegemony Perspective
Su-ying Chen
pp. 476-493 View PDF

Omar Sharif as an Example of Changes and Encounters
Muhammad Gamal
pp. 494-501 View PDF

Hidden Forms of Cultural Encounters and Exchanges: Examples of Japanese Culture in Graz (Austria)
Klaus-Juergen Hermanik
pp. 502-506 View PDF

A Studio Research Project: Malay Celebration As A Cultural Expression In Creating Sculpture Utilizing An Up-Cycle Approach
Hanif Khairi
Dan Wollmering
pp. 507-518 View PDF

Microtorch Canting: The New Tool For Batik Artisan
Danuri Sakijan
Hanif Khairi pp. 519-526 View PDF

Knowledge Management Practices in Academic Libraries: A Case Study of King Abdulaziz University Central Library
Mohammad Arif
Muna Alsuraihi
pp. 527-543 View PDF

Gender Performance in James Joyce's Characterization of Stephen Dedalus and Molly Bloom
Yi-Ling Yang
Pin-fen Huang
pp. 544-555 View PDF

Kingship in Nepal: Envisioning Contemporary perspective
Purna Bahadur Karki
pp. 556-573 View PDF

The Diverse Norms of Love and Reflexive Project about the Psychology of Love in Contemporary Japanese Society: Analysis of the Articles Written about How to Build a Better Relationship of Love in the Women's Magazines
Yasushi Okegawa
pp. 574-580 View PDF

Framing Modern Japanese Domestic Interiors through Cinematic Mapping
Simone Shu-Yeng Chung
pp. 581-595 View PDF

‘Sandwich Coalitions' in the Politics of Development: Asian 'neo-populisms' in Comparative Perspective
Arun Swamy
pp. 596-608 View PDF

The Readers Positioning and the Representation Of A Child As The Main Character In Children’s Literature: The Case Of P. Pearce’s “Tom’s Midnight Garden”
Leni Marlina
pp. 609-620 View PDF

Effects of Teaching Methods on Immigrant Women's Learning of Chinese Words
Yu-Min Ku
Chia-Hui Kao
Hwa-Wei Ko
Shu-Hui Lin
Meg Lu
pp. 621-629 View PDF

Flowing and Sharing of Knowledge as a Learning Method in the Google Generation
Taweesak Sangkapreecha pp. 630-637 View PDF

The Study on the Relationship between Homeroom Teachers' Paternalistic Leadership and Classroom Management Effectiveness in High Schools in Taiwan
Yi-Ting Wu
Huan-Hung Wu
Yu-Liang Chang
pp. 638-646 View PDF

Factors Influencing E-Learners access to Japanese e-learning Websites: An Empirical Study in Taiwan
Paul Juinn Bing Tan
Wei-ling Chen
pp. 647-665 View PDF

Exploring Nagusamegusa (1418): The Semiotics of Encounter and Exchange for a Poettraveller in Muromachi Japan
Penelope Shino
pp. 666-674 View PDF

Life Therapy in Sudhana's Pilgrimage: A Study of the "Entry into the Realm of Reality" of the Hua-Yen Sutra
Wen-chung Huang
pp. 675-701 View PDF

The Consciousness of Being the Political and the Consciousness of the Common: Comments About Phenomenology of Time in the Context of Democracy
Cezary Olbromski
pp. 702-716 View PDF

The Interaction between Social Culture and Social Capital: The Case of Taiwanese School Masters
Tien-Hui Chiang
pp. 717-731 View PDF

Teaching English in State-Run Schools and Private Language Institutes in Mashad, Iran
Mohammed Pazhouhesh
pp. 732-744 View PDF

Ethics of Care as Normative Morality without Principle
Shiu-Ching Wu
pp. 745-756 View PDF

Justice or Prey: The Switch among Different Forms of Capital in Robert Louis Stevenson's “Kidnapped”
Pinyao Chiu
pp. 757-766 View PDF

The Impact of Content Design With Story Grammar on Learning Achievement for Mobile Game-Based Learning
Wen-Shou Chou
Chieh-Ming Chang
pp. 767-775 View PDF

Public Obsession: The Fatty Arbuckle Case and its Impact on Modern Day Media Coverage of High Profile Court Cases
Sungmin Yoon
pp. 776-792 View PDF

The Musical Activity of Organists in Brazil in Christian Churches: Renovation, Innovation and Conflict
Any Raquel Carvalho
Dorotea Kerr pp. 793-805 View PDF

Patterns and Strategies of Social Entrepreneurship of the Chao Phya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital Foundation, Thailand
Phitak Siriwong
pp. 806-812 View PDF

The Life of Tricycle Rickshaw Riders, Hua Hin Municipality, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, Thailand
Manassinee Boonmeesrisa-nga
pp. 813-823 View PDF

The Motif Buketan (Floral Motif) in Pekalongan Batik: Development Dynamic and Social Identity in Pekalongan, Central Java
Karina Melati
pp. 824-843 View PDF

Study on the Core Competencies of Early Intervention Professionals
Chen-Ya Juan
Yu-Lun Chiu
pp. 844-851 View PDF

Comparative Study of Youth in Japan and Spain Regarding the use of Urban Parks and Ideal Park Facilities
Hitomi Tsujikawa
Patricia de Diego Ruiz
pp. 852-869 View PDF

Instinct with Signs of Disaster: Used of Mixed Media Art Technique (CNC machine)
Kunjana Dumsopee
Pattarapong Phasukkit
pp. 870-874 View PDF

Expressed Mixed Media Art: By linking the Occurrence of Natural Hazards on Earth
Kunjana Dumsopee
Pattarapong Phasukkit
pp. 875-880 View PDF

Nationalism, Syncretism and the Enforcers of History
Israt Jahan
pp. 881-891 View PDF

Virtual Relationships: an Attempt to Reform in Social Life through Internet Dating Services
Pataraporn Sangkapreecha
pp. 892-900 View PDF

Hospital Wayfinding through Directional Sign on Logistics Concept
Supawadee Boonyachut
Chai Sunyavivat
Nan Boonyachut
pp. 900-911 View PDF