ISSN: 2186-5914 – The Asian Business & Management Conference 2012 – Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: January 31st, 2013

Negotiating a Way Forward: Asia Post Crisis and Post Catastrophe
November 16-18 2012
Osaka, JapanISSN: 2186-5914

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Proceedings Contents

An Evaluation of Buying Behaviors and Perception of Organic Vegetable Consumer in Chiang Mai Province
Peeraya Somsak
Markus Blutpp. 1-14 View PDF

Do Networking with Information Providers Lead to Export Performance: A Preliminary Analysis
Phadett Tooksoon
Supee Sukijniyakor
Sumonmal Atthawutthichai
pp. 15-24 View PDF

Internationalization of Chinese Private Firms: The Effectof Family Involvement in Management and Family Ownership
Xiaoya Liang
Lihua Wang
Zhiyu Cui
pp. 25-54 View PDF

Understanding the Psychological Traits Affecting Functioning in Foreign Cultures and Performance in Foreign Languages: Application of the Kozai Group's Global Competency Index
Timothy Dean Keeley
pp. 55-70 View PDF

What Can Benefit Organizational Citizenship Behavior to Job Performance? The Role of Human Capital
Yu-Chen Wei
pp. 71-95 View PDF

Evaluating the Relationship between Stock Exchange Volatility and Macro-economic Indicators in the Chinese Context-The case of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange
Jiaqi Sun
Daniel Prior
pp. 96-113 View PDF

A Test of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) Underpricing Performance in Malaysian Stock Exchange (MSE)
Nashirah Binti Abu Bakar
Kiyotaka Uzaki
pp. 114-136 View PDF

The Relationship Between Innovation and Firm Performance: Evidence from Malaysian Manufacturing Firms
Ee Shiang Lim
Cassey Lee
Shyamala Nagaraj
pp. 137-153 View PDF

Service Quality and Spectator Satisfaction: Perspective of Female Spectators on University Sporting Grounds
Jan Wiid
Mike Cant
pp. 154-170 View PDF

Influencing Factors on Career Growth in the Hospitality Industry
Chanin Yoopetch
pp. 171-179 View PDF

Small Businesses and Economic Empowerment of Women in Pakistan
Sophia Ali
pp. 180-196 View PDF

The Benefits of English Study Abroad Programs for Japanese Companies and Learning Organizations: Competitiveness in the Global Market and the Cross-Cultural Adaptability, Learner Autonomy, and Critical Thinking Skills of Japanese Employees
Nathaniel Edwards
pp. 197-207 View PDF

Economic Evaluation for Area Development: Multinomial Logit Approach
Papusson Chaiwat
Pongsa Pornchaiwiseskul
pp. 208-218 View PDF

The Effect of Attribution and Brand Image on Satisfaction through Relationship Quality: In Service Failure Perspectives
Shin T. Liu
Dong-Jenn Yang
Ren-Zhi Weng
pp. 219-228 View PDF

Systems Intelligence Competencies for Leadership Performance in the Complex World
Aelita Skarzauskiene
pp. 229-241 View PDF

Women in Business
Shalini Gupta
Ajay Gupta
pp. 242-251 View PDF

A Model of Commercial Domestic Passengers of Low Cost Carrier Flight in Indonesia (The Analysis of Post Airlines Deregulations in 1999)
Yasintha Soelasih
Dwi Kartini
pp. 252-263 View PDF

The Influence of Online Brand Image and Perceived Risks on Online Customer Loyalty for Women's Apparel in Taiwan Market
Yu Sung Wen
Tao Chia Ling
pp. 264-272 View PDF

Organizational Ownership of Young Workers as a Key to Success in Labor-intensive Industry: A Case Study
Kumudinei Dissanayake
Masayasu Takahashi
pp. 273-281 View PDF

Asia Onward: Serendipity as an Alternative Way for Innovation
Achmad Setyo Hadi
pp. 282-294 View PDF

Data Mining Through Self Organising MapsApplied On Select Exchange Rates
Ravindran Ramasamy
Krishnan Rengganathan
pp. 295-309 View PDF

Women in Workplace Bullying
Chun-Wei Yeh
pp. 310-316 View PDF

Ownership Structure and Export Performance: Firm-Level Evidence from Korea
Sangho Kim
Donghyun Park
pp. 317-338 View PDF

Thai Youth Travel Forms: Green Values and Environment-Friendly-Travel Values Measurement
Noppamash Suvachart
pp. 339-348 View PDF

The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment in Multi Brand Retail Market in India on the Indian Retail Market- A Study
S.V.Shridhara Murthy
pp. 349-362 View PDF

The Investigation of Efficient Market Hypothesis: Evidence from an Emerging Market
Ali Saeedi
Seyed Reza Miraskari
Mehrdad Sadr Ara
pp. 363-377 View PDF

Do Entrepreneurial Companies Make Good Corporate Citizens? The Relationship between Entrepreneurial Orientation and Corporate Citizenship in Korea
Chang Soo Sung
Woo Jin Lee
Daeeop Kim
pp. 378-399 View PDF

The Impact of Supply Chain Integration Factors on Order Fulfilment in Public Hospitals
Kabossa A.B. Msimangira
pp. 400-417 View PDF

Barriers to Implementation of Knowledge Management in Hospital Institutions in Saudi Arabia
Doaa Abbas Zaher
pp. 418-428 View PDF

India’s Economic Growth: Quest for Sustainability
Manasranjan Dashmishra
pp. 429-440 View PDF

Emerging Influence of Mobile Technology in Supply Chain Management in Indian Industries
Arpita Khare
Anshuman Khare
Terry Beckman
pp. 441-456 View PDF

Power Transition Model in Asia Region
Eric Lin
pp. 457-464 View PDF

On Economics of Violence and the Construction of Railways in Asian Colonies in the Early Twentieth Century
Natalia Starostina
pp. 465-482 View PDF