ISSN: 2189-1036 – The IAFOR International Conference on Education – Hawaii 2020 Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: March 2nd, 2020

IICEHawaii2020, The Hawai‘i Convention Center, Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Friday, January 10 - Sunday, January 12, 2020

Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

Connectivism as a Driver to Improve Citizen Learning and engagement in Cognitive Cities: A Literature Review
Mónica Elva Vaca-Cárdenas
Jaime Meza
Astrid Astromelia Vargas Estrada
Leticia Azucena Vaca-Cárdenas
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A Critical Appraisal of a Teacher Development Course on the Teaching of Reading Skills at a Macau Middle School
John Wheeler
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Developing Resilience and Life Mastery Skills in the Classroom - A Multiple-Case Study Comparing a Norwegian and a Peruvian Context
May Olaug Horverak
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Culture Adaptation and Employment Situation - The Case of Foreign Students in Japan -
Cecilia B-Ikeguchi
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Learning Ecologies: from Past Generations to Current Higher Education
Cláudia Raquel Lima
Heitor Alvelos
Susana Barreto
Eliana Penedos-Santiago
Nuno Martins
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The Use of Digital Videos, LMS, Peer and Self-feedback to Improve Presentation Skills
Jeremy White
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Technology Acceptance Model for Pre - Service Teachers of Region I
Maria Theresa V. Forneas
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Management And Multiculturalism In Romanian Universities: A Case Study At University Of Medicine And Pharmacy “Grigore T. Popa” Iasi
Gabriela Marinescu
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Machine Learning to Guide STEM Learning: Relative Importance of Social vs.Technical Competencies for STEM Students from Underrepresented Group
Karin Maurer
Heidi Schuhbauer
Patricia Brockmann
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Professional Development for Teaching Online and Hybrid Courses in Higher Education
Kristin Olson Palmer
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Massive Open Online Classes (MOOCs) are Not Dead: An Overview of Geographic and Degree Trends in MOOCs
Kristin Olson Palmer
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The Associations Between the Perception of Helpfulness of Teacher Induction Programs and Anticipated First-Year Teacher Retention in China
Xiaotian Han
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Pictogramming Workshop - Learning Programming Concepts with Pictogram Contents Creation -
Kazunari Ito
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Implementation of Input Methods with Natural Language for Pictogramming
Ishii Mikihiro
Ito Kazunari
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The Effect of Foreign Language on Moral Decision Making
Arnold F. Arao
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Artificial Intelligence Models to Support Curriculum Development
James Otto
Chaodong Han
Stella Tomasi
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A Review of Foreign Language Policy Research Literature in China through Bibliometric Analysis of CSSCI: History, Content and Trend
Tiemei Guo
Eunyoung Kim
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Matriarchs Matter: Family Influences to Scientific Thinking of Women of Color in the Community College
Melo-Jean Yap
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No-Level Brick Japanese Language Education: Understanding Learning as Participation in Practice through a Communities of Practice Perspective
Takuya Kojima
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No-Level Brick Foreign Language Education: Definition of the Field and Explanation of the Purposes – Japanese Language Classroom as Case Study
Marcella Mariotti
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No-Level Brick Foreign Language Education: Expectations Towards Language Teaching
Chiara Alessandrini
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Innovations in Hospitality and Tourism Education in Vietnam: A Hypothetical Framework
Thao Thanh Luong
Eunyoung Kim
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Teaching Experiences, Pedagogies, Practices and Praxes on the Subject of Applied Geo-Information System Technology
Yaowaret Jantakat
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Knowledge Creation of Adaptive Learning on the Blockchain System -Collaborative Cloud Educational System-
Mayumi Hori
Masakazu Ohashi
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Annexation of Co-curricular Activities: Experiencing and Assessing Grammar Competence in EFL Context
Meherun Nesa
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Utilizing U.S. TESOL Undergraduate Internship Students to Improve Japanese College Students’ English Skills and the TESOL Students’ Teaching Skills
Nobuo Tsuda
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Today’s Choices for Selecting a School: Public, Private, Charter Public, Charter Private, or Homeschools
Margaret M. Ferrara
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Lessons from a Global Analysis of the UN Conventions on Children and Disability Rights
Gabriela Walker
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A Need to Support Teacher Diversity Through Culturally Relevant STEM Education at the Elementary School
Neha Anand
Ananthi Shankaranarayanan
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Design and Implementation of “SPOC Teaching Mode” for Fostering Creativity
Haiming Jiang
Eunyoung Kim
Xiaolin Sun
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Development and Validation of an Electronic Module in Linear Motion for First Year College Students of Iloilo City
Donna H. Gabor
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Language Learning Behind the Screen: Movies for Second Language Acquisition
Tetyana Kucher
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Using the Delphi Method to Identify Technical Workshop Topics
Jon R. Jones
Greg Belcher
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Using Maximum Variation Strategy Within A Case Study to Investigate Reasons Contributors are Willing to Provide Open Educational Resources
Kelley J. Manley
Julie D
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Understanding Perceptions in Foster Care: Changing the Narrative
Leslie Ponciano
Akin Abioye
Zaid Gayle
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What is Missing in the Process of Poverty Alleviation?
Jianhui Zhang
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Legitimate Peripheral Participation (LPP) in Community-based Child-rearing Support Centers (CCSCs): Focusing on LPP Developing Process through Multiple Interactions among Parents in CCSCs
Atsushi Nishio
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Korean Undergraduate Students’ Language Learning Strategies in English Medium Instruction Courses: A Case Study
Hyunjung Lee
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A Discourse Analysis: Listening Sections of Korean College Scholastic Ability Tests
Yoonjung Lee
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Math Readiness: Early Identification of Preschool Children Least Ready to Benefit from Formal Math Instruction in School
Anastasia Betts
KP Thai
Daniel Jacobs
Linlin Li
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Contrastive Interlanguage Analysis of Modal Auxiliary Verb Usage by Japanese Learners of English in Argumentative Essays
Shusaku Nakayama
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A Practical Theory of Lifelong Learning Assistance for Promoting Community
Hidekazu Sasaki
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Teaching English to Refugees in Greece: The Case of Lexena School
Sofia Tsagdi
Efthimios Tsitsikas
Maria Tsiakalou
Konstantinos Theologou
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Student Perspectives of Experiential Learning in a Technical Education Program
Andrew Kline
Stacy A. Kolegraff
Scott D. Kelting
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English Language Teaching Innovation from Learning Strategies of High-performing Students in a Government University in Ayutthaya
Suwaree Yordchim
Kantavee Wiengsima
Rujika Thammalaksamee
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