Conference: CITY2016

The Influence of Internet Based Platform on Travel and Tourism

Tourists often travel with tour groups due that they have to deal with lots of travel information, however recently, they care more about the overall travel experience. With the rapid development of 4G, lots of applications developed by governments, information service industry were introduced to the tourism market trying to increase customers’ experience. Travelers can

Trieste/Crossroads of Cultures in Central Eastern Europe: Transformations/Contradictions and Continuities at the Italian Eastern Border

This paper aims to highlight some peculiarities of this border region contested between Italy and Yugoslavia where the ethnic differences, cultural and the geographical characteristics blend together in an extraordinary example of European multiculturalism. Thanks to its location, on the eastern border, the city has always played an important strategic role and exchange with the world

Envisioning Cities Through the Evolving Cities’ Mediascape

Nowadays, the image of the city is not only shaped through the classical concepts of the city image; such as the city visual forms of Kevin Lynch, but also it is widely formed by a range of media generated image created by Mediascape, which has a powerful impact on how cities are envisioned and perceived.

Cities of Memory and Memory of Cities: The Hybrid Places of the Past in Historic Jeddah

Memory in cities, refers to those places where their collective memory is expressed, is a major topic in many contemporary cities. The concept has been studied through different perspectives and within different disciplines: architecture, urban design, anthropology, literature, and the interdisciplinary “place studies”. The topic manifests themselves in many aspects of city spaces, spirit of

Up and Down the City Road: London in the Other’s Eyes

This paper probes into two facets of the life of Indian immigrants in post-war London portrayed in Anita Desai’s Bye-Bye, Blackbird. On the one side, there is the expected and familiar outburst of nationalistic xenophobia on behalf of the domestic population of this urban landscape, triggered by the arrival of numerous immigrants from the Commonwealth

Talking Like a (Foreign) Man: Diaspora Teenage Languages Shaping Urban Spaces in Gautam Malkani’s Londonstani

This paper aims to investigate the role of language for the British Indian diasporic community teenagers of London, for whom the research of an identity also includes the definition of belonging within a postcolonial frame. Teenage is a moment of passage, symbolizing the passage into the 21st century, which requires a re-definition of all conventions

New Form of Intelligent Tourism on Human Awareness with API Architectural

Traveling planning is now changed by the advances in internet. Tourism, is becoming increasingly popular in e-commerce. The most important is how to perfectly provide or promote products to travelers which are not in their shopping list. Consumers were proposed by a few general suggestions such as: Location based, relational commodities links, and most viewed products,

South Korea Gimhae City Color Palette of Representative Colours and Symbolic Colour Development

City colors analysis and guidelines development is a way to assist the city to become more sustainable and be developed with an excel city image and living environment. Especially for Gimhae, a city in South Korea has high cultural properties from both tradition and modern era due to Gaya Kingdom’s culture. Through an analysis on

The Dimensions of Childhood in Modern Architecture: From Urban Scales to Domestic Spaces

According to many authors, architecture is more than meets the eye: it is the image of a certain historical, cultural, and social context, as it reflects the ideals and longings of the society by which it is built and inhabited. In the eventful years of the 20th century, amid a context punctuated by the horrors of

On Manhattanisation of Williamsburg/NYC

The paper focuses on the divided city, more specifically the very rapid and radical change in a working class neighborhood in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, studied by participant observation and interviews. The focus is put on an incident in the autumn of 2010, where working class people in Williamsburg were thrown on the street from their buildings

Two Perspectives Towards the Use of Design Precedent in Residential Real Estate Development in China: Concerning the Homogeneousness Cityscape Issue

In the past three decades in China, the urbanization process and real estate industry has become strongly intertwined, and at the same time significant to the development of China as qualities of living and earning powers are improved. Although there are significant key achievements in the process of urbanization and real estate development, they have

The Effect of Intercity Roads on Street Networks During Urban Growth: A Survey of Adriatic and Ionian Coastal Cities 1800-2010

Streets are fundamental elements of urban form that affect socioeconomic life. Street patterns reflect socio-cultural influences as well as the generative role of intercity roads. Intercity roads not only provide the scaffolding where urban growth adheres, but they also maintain a commanding role in the structure of the city over time. Urban studies on streets

The Impacts of Globalization on Urban Peripheral Villages of Iran

Globalization as an ongoing economic, social, political and technological process has various impacts around the world, which its quantity and quality has been different in terms of various countries conditions. One of these impacts is spatial transformation of urban peripheral villages. The objective of this research is considering factors affecting spatial transformation of Iran’s urban

The Locality of Modern Architecture From the Perspective of Ortega’s Rationalism

Studies on locality in modern architecture mainly focus on the context and environment of a city. This is understood as an extension from existential tendency of the past. However, away from such perspective of locality, this study attempts to interpret locality from the viewpoint of rationalism, which represents objectivity and rationality. Wilhelm Dilthey defined reason

The Re-Branding of Mid-Sized Post-Industrial Cities – Lessons Learned

The corporate world has long embraced the concept of branding to help differentiate and communicate unique and compelling aspects of products and services (Arvidsson, 2006). The application of branding in the public sector realm is evident in the branding of places – cities, regions, and nations – and is typically broadly referred to as place

Urban Aspirations: A Field View from the Margins of the City

Indian cities are transforming rapidly. Though there is a huge variation between the transformation of various cities but metropolises like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai are witnessing major changes as they are making their ways into the global economic networks. These transformations are not apolitical in nature rather represent the imaginations of the people occupying dominant city

The Urban Landscape and Its Divisions: Analyzing the City Through Cultural Practices

The “European Capitals of Culture” (ECC) program aims to stimulate integration and mobility, but also to enhance civic cohesion through the creation of new cultural events and institutions. The cultural assets of cities elected “ECC” are mobilized to attract a wide range of new audiences previously distant from pre-existing cultural offers. The new cultural amenities

Public Images/Private Lives: Blurring Truth and Fantasy in the World of Professional Bondage and Discipline

Public images and private lives often do not match up. Indeed, social life is premised as much on what is not shown as it is on what is revealed. Concealment, deception and the blurring of truth and fantasy can be fundamental for social life. Advertising services in the Australian sex industry, as with advertising many

More Bolshoi in the “Hood”? Comparing Cultural Scenes and Participation in Different French Cities

French cultural policies have historically sought national cohesion through inclusive and participatory cultural events in most cities and territories. From the creation of national cultural institutions (museums, theaters, operas, orchestras etc.) to lively contemporary music festivals, France has a long “republican” tradition of integrating of immigrants and minorities. Since 1968 and 1989, decentralization and local cultural

Formal Logic As a Reaction to Ancient Urban Democracy

Direct democracy in the ancient city of Athens stands as a tantalizing example of what political institutions might be. But the Athenian system failed dramatically in the fifth and fourth centuries BCE, and part of the reaction among intellectuals was to develop formal deductive logic. Logic is a seemingly a bookish subject, but its birth