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Topical Structure Analysis of Philippine and Chinese Journal Abstracts

This study examined the topical structure of Philippine and Chinese journal abstracts on bilingual education. Specifically, it looked at the physical and topical characteristics of abstracts written by Filipino and Chinese researchers in the field of language. On the physical features, it examined the number of words, clauses, and sentences in a paragraph; number of


Russian-like Discourse in English Essays

The paper presents the results of a research revealing typical manifestations of English discourse incompetence by Russian natives and is a further development of the ‘Russian English’ issue investigated by the author. The work focuses on institutional business English discourse produced by Russian students of tourism orally and in writing. The research reveals the most


Language, Culture and International Communication

We start by reviewing the relevant literature on World Englishes which proposed any form of English for international communication, considering it as the contact language with the broader level of meaning of all speakers irrespective of their English language acquisition history. Based on that input we first bring evidence of the cultural aspect of language


Native English Speaker Teachers Versus Non-Native English Speaker Teachers in King Khalid University: Myths and Realities

Native English Speaker Teachers versus Non-Native English Speaker Teachers in King Khalid University: Myths and Realities A small number of studies have addressed the debate comparing native English speaker teachers (NESTs) and non-native English speaker teachers (NNESTs). However, most of the studies focused on teacher rather than student opinions. The present study examine ESL Saudi