Category: Water and Sanitation


Evaluating Effectiveness of Length of Closure in Remediating Coliform Contamination in Boracay Island

The international tourist destination of Boracay Island was closed by national authorities last April 2018 due to the persistent high coliform concentrations found in its beach waters. The cause of the contamination is identified as inadequate sanitation systems whose outflow goes to the groundwater. This water in turn leaks out to the sea. The rationale


How is the Concept of Flourishing Central in the Move toward Sustainability: A Case Study of the Aeolian Water Crisis

This presentation explores the role of the concept of flourishing as it moves toward sustainability by examining a theoretical case study of Lipari, located in the Aeolian Islands. Challenged by a lack of potable water, Lipari provides a tangible model of the interconnectivity of community agency and sustainable issues. This presentation examines the leading qualities