Category: Urban, Rural, and Regional Economics


Demand on Commodities Contributor of Poverty in Aceh Province: Analyses on Urban Households

Commodities contributor of poverty is dominated by food commodities. Rice and cigarette filter are commodities that contributes a lot to poverty. Other commodities are; fish, electricity and LPG. This study analyzed the demand of urban household for commodities contributor of poverty in Aceh province by using Almost Ideal Demand System (AIDS) model. Further, this research


Technical Efficiency of Micro and Community Enterprises: Evidence from Dok-Kham-Tai District, Phayao, Thailand

This study is to find what are key factors contributing efficiency of the Dok-Kham-Tai community enterprises. In order to meet this objective question, first Data Environment Technique (DEA) is applied to calculate the community enterprise efficiency scores. Then, the calculated efficiency scores will be linked and explained by financial and non-financial factors. According to this


Regional Income Inequality and Well-Being: A Case Study in the Northeast of Thailand

Inequality issue on the regional income inequality has played an important role in economy, society and politics in Thailand. This issue is difficult to be eliminated within the short period. Evidently, the poverty problem has been diminishing, but inadequate distribution should still be concerned cautiously. In term of statistical reports, they are usually revealed by