Category: The Data-Enriched Society


The Importance of Process Mining in Enhancing Process Performance in Organisation

The development of business intelligence allows organisations to manage and enhance the decision-making process by providing methods and tools for analysing data. Process mining in organisation is needs to develop connection between data mining as business intelligence method and Business Process Management. Its main purpose is the discovery of process model based on existing event


Enrich Cultural Heritage and Museum through Linked Open Data: The Content Analysis of Open Data Platform in Taiwan

Recently, the concept of Open Data has drawn attention worldwide. It is suggested that the government or government-subsidized institutions should disclose data for public access, distribution and reuse, therefore, those data can contribute more values to the society. In the trend of Open Data, museums or cultural institutions have started to release cultural datasets over


Business Intelligence and Analytics to Prediction of Going Concern Using Neuro-Fuzzy Approach

Rapid advances in technology, enterprise environmental changes and increasing competition has affected the risk of investment. Going concern prediction (GCP) is an important element in investors’ evaluation. The evaluation of a enterprise ‘s going concern status is not an easy task. To assist auditors, going concern prediction models based on statistical methods such as multiple