Category: Technology and Society: ICT and Security: Questions of Privacy, Governance and Trust


Institutional Strength and Strategic Use of E-Government to Improve Inter Government Collaboration: A Study on Implementation of E-Audit in Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia

Government institutions have used information and communication technology (ICT) not only to improve public service delivery but also to fight against corruption on top of the concept of e-government. However, government institution alone is not enough to overcome corruption. This study argues that corruption in a country is a systemic crime which could be overwhelmed


Website Vulnerability Scan for Information System of Toddler’s Growth and Development

Web-Based Information System of Toddler’s Growth and Development is a client server application which has been information source as monitoring tools for the growth and development. It also be accessed easier by parents, posyandu and medical personnel that has been implemented. On the other hand, the more easily to access this website also the more