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Application of Grey Wolf Optimization for Time Series Forecasting

Forecasting the price of nonrenewable commodity such as crude oil is a critical task and requires careful attention. Due to the vital role of nonrenewable commodity in the economics of an organization, forecasting its price has attracted both researchers and practitioners. In this paper, a relatively new Swarm Intelligence (SI) technique, namely Grey Wolf Optimization


Grey Wolf Optimizer for Solving Combined Economic Emission Dispatch Problems

Grey Wolf Optimizer (GWO) is a newly proposed algorithm that developed based on inspiration of grey wolves (Canis Lupus). This GWO algorithm mimics the nature of grey wolves in leadership hierarchy and hunting mechanism. This paper is in the purpose of introducing GWO to solve combined economic emission dispatch problem (CEED) in power system. CEED


The Mediating Effects of Green Product Design on Economic Performance of Reverse Logistics: A Conceptual Study

The dwindling of natural resources and higher demand for landfill space fuelled the concept of sustainable consumption. For decades, buy and throwaway society created a string of negative environmental consequences and a positive change is taking place as developed nations take the lead in closing the supply chain loop via extended producer responsibility (EPR). Returns