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Examining a Teacher Education Course in English for the Medium of Instruction Using 5Is

Policies requiring English as the Medium of Instruction (EMI) are sprouting at many universities in Asia and Europe. In many cases, challenges arise for students because they are using English as a Second Language (ESL), rather than their primary language, for learning. Furthermore, faculty members need to use English to teach even though for many


Enhance Teachers’ Composition Teaching Literacy and Autonomy through Online Interactive Writing Course – “Learning by Doing”: An Effective Way of Teacher Training

Composition writing is an important yet difficult component of Chinese language teaching. In the MOE 2011 Syllabus, composition writing is allocated a higher percentage than in previous years. However, both students and teachers were reported to have difficulties in writing and teaching compositions, respectively. This paper discusses the effects of an online interactive process-writing course.


Effects of a Professional Development Programme on New Zealand Language Teacher Beliefs and Teaching Practice

The study is set in the context of New Zealand where teaching and learning other languages is not compulsory, and one result of this context is that teachers often have to teach a language without having pedagogical knowledge of or training in language teaching. As a consequence, many professional learning opportunities are offered. This research


The Role of Belief in Language Teacher Education

The role of teacher education is of crucial importance and has been challenged over the years. The change of teacher role since the time of grammar translation up to the time of eclectic method is a proof of importance of teacher role. Therefore, efforts have always been taken, to formulate teachers role and to guide


Learner Autonomy: How Teacher Trainers Understand and Apply It?

In last decades, being autonomous language learners has been the spotlight of researchers and accepted as crucial and worth to think carefully and precisely about its application in teacher training institutions. As a consequence, the Ministry of Education in Turkey always emphasises the learner autonomy in their language curriculums and official documents related to language