Category: STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) learning


Belonging Blurring the Boundaries

This paper explores Whitchurch’s (2008) notion of the ‘third space’ in the context of articulating students from Further Education to Higher Education. This research appropriates the term ‘third space’ and applies it to the emergent territory occupied by college students ‘crossing the boundary’ to university. The concept of the ‘third space’ allows us to explore


Unchaining Computer Science Students from the Desktop

Prompted partly by potential space release and reuse, and also by international trends in moving away from desktop computer learning environments and traditional classroom set-ups, this project has explored alternatives to requiring computer science (and other) students’ use of fixed desktop computers in rows facing the front of the computer laboratory. Although many studies and


Engineering Co-Curricular Role Model Interventions to Develop Women Engineering Students Self-Efficacy at a South African Comprehensive University

Women engineers face often negative stereotypes regarding their competence in the workplace. In the same way, women engineering students face various identity and professional obstacles in their study environment that may affect their feelings of self-efficacy. Furthermore, as the engineering environment is often described as �a man�s world�, engineering is often perceived as a man�s