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Determinants of Residential Building Occupants’ Behavior in Sustainable Living a Questionnaire Survey in Hong Kong

Green building movement has been playing a major role in sustainable urbanism as well as current architectural development. In addition to its energy achievement, it could be influencing our living style according to some Environment and Behavior (EB) studies. EB research showed that there are transactions between individuals and their physical setting that could change


Boardgames as a Tool for Teaching Basic Sustainability Concepts to Design Students

One aspect of sustainability that often baffles design students is the need to balance concepts such as the triple bottom line (environment, economy and social issue) with the product’s life cycle in their design process. In some cases, this is a result of a lack of understanding of interactions between these aspects since the theoretical


Transitional Spaces: Reconciling Conflicts in Dense Sustainable Housing Projects

Density strategies are generally perceived as a powerful leverage for sustainable built environments. Reality unveils however a more nuanced appreciation. While the �Prosperity� pillar of sustainable development is mostly covered, dense building developments tend to lack addressing �here and now� social and environmental aspects of sustainability, which could mortgage the recognition of the embedded sustainability


An Integrated Study of Corporate Social Responsibility and Relationship Management in China: An Interpretive Perspective

The purpose of this study is to determine how companies in China manage their relations with publics (stakeholders) in China through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. This study is conducted from the interpretive perspective and use qualitative, specifically, interview method. This study explored the current situation of CSR in China. I apply the concept


Marketing of a Net Positive Future

In many climatic regions, both in Europe and the US, it is possible to design and build homes that can be powered solely from a renewable resource. This paper will present the efforts taken in the US and Europe to aid home builders to quantify the performance of a building envelope and the levels of