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A Glimpse on the Anatomy of the Tribulations and Successes of the Chinese-Filipino in Lanao del Norte

This paper examines the various challenges encountered by the Chinese-Filipino in the Philippines, specifically in the municipality of Tubod and in Iligan City. It is relatively appropriate to state that the role and contributions of these Chinese-Filipinos in the Philippines has been considerably of significance since they are always associated with economic development. Primarily, this


Continuity of Japan’s Soft Power: Historical Legacies and National Identity

Japan’s modern history sheds light on the ambiguous nature and effects of soft power as power of persuasion and power of assimilation—the former rested centrally upon its rapid adoption of Western institutions so as to gain equality with the Western powers, as is epitomized in Japan’s success in the revision of the unequal treaties; the


Language as a Discourse of Legitimate Power

Every state must legitimize itself with a discourse of legitimate power. The state of Pakistan was originally imagined as a homeland for the Muslims of India. Religion, thus, served as the discourse of legitimacy for this state. However, its Bengali speaking eastern wing East Pakistan soon grew restive as Urdu was declared the sole official