Category: Research Methodologies, Quantitative and Qualitative


A Transition From Deductive to Inductive Reasoning in Qualitative Research Writing Process: A Case Study

Many graduate students doing qualitative research face difficulties in transforming massive textual chunks of qualitative data into comprehensive analysis due to the inductive and lowly-formulaic style of writing in qualitative research. Nevertheless, there is little research on their adaptation to inductive reasoning in qualitative research writing. This single case study research investigated a graduate student’s


A Research and Development of Prevention of Primary Students’ Inappropriate Behavior from Internet by Self-Regulation Technique

A research and development of prevention of Primary students’ inappropriate behavior from internet by Self-Regulation technique was conducted by 3 objectives as: 1) to study current situation of primary students’ internet use and risk of inappropriate behavior 2) to synthesize children’s self-regulation procedure and 3) to compare inappropriate behavior of student between use and not


The Bridge between Problems and Solutions in Design: Taking a Toddler’s Case as an Example

Problem solving in Industrial Design is focused on the realization of ideas. At the end, the ideas are applied as practical design solutions for product development. Designers generate ideas to solve problems based on their past experiences and creative thinking. However, there has been a gap between problem identification and solution generation within the design


Methodology Review Making a Case for Grounded Theory in Occupants’ Energy Behaviour Research

It has been recognized by many researchers that social issues, such as occupants’ energy behaviour, play a vital role in reducing energy use. The previous research into the field of occupants’ energy behaviour can be classed into two categories regarding their methodological approaches. The majority of the research has been done using a quantitative approach