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Business Negotiation Power: How is it Used in the Arabian Gulf?

The attitudes of business negotiators in the Arabian Gulf towards the use of negotiation power were explored through a qualitative interview-based study. Participants included 21 managers from various organizations in the Muscat metropolitan area of Oman for whom negotiation constitutes an essential part of the job. The semi-structured format of the interviews ensured consistency and


Imperatives of Globalization on Growth of Emerging Economies : Evidence From Nigeria (1980-2013)

Study investigates the impact of globalization on Nigeria’s economic growth. This study covers the periods between 1990 to 2013. Quantitative research methodology was adopted using Augmented Dickey- Fuller unit-root test, to test for stationarity of the variables. The result of the stationarity (unit root) test shows that, the variables were all stationary at first difference.


The Synergy of Poetic Leadership – How Leading Poetically Bridges the Gaps

We live in a world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA), where the disparate needs of individuals, communities and society are at times in conflict. There is a growing recognition that traditional styles of leadership are no longer adequate for such a world. Interdisciplinary practices can give us a new perspective on our challenges;