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Mechanisms of Moral Disengagement in Police Unethical Behaviour

Recently there were a lot of police unethical behaviour reported in Indonesia which became concern of law enforcement agency and abused of public trust. One of the reason of this phenomena is varied depend on the reason of the perpetrators. Moral disengagement is the ability to use cognitive mechanism to excuse unethical decision making. Moral


The Link between the Process of Change and Coaching in an Organization: A Case Study

The aim of this article is to highlight the empowerment of coaching in the process of change in an organization using case study – a real life change project in an institution. The article hopes to demonstrate the critical importance of coaching during change, for successful change to occur, and any sustaining change requires ongoing


The Importance of Organizational Learning for Change in Higher Education Institutions

Many works have been written about different forms of organizational learning (OL), mostly in business environments. However, currently, academic environments are tapping into the same concepts in order to enhance performance that is driven by competition from other institutions that may have better strategies for student enrollment and retention, high caliber of faculty, more prominence


Utilisation of Resources As Correlates of Undergraduates’ Academic Achievement in Cataloguing and Classification in Library Schools in Southern Nigeria

Cataloguing and classification is still a compulsory course in library and Information Schools in Nigeria. Despite the importance of the courses in library profession and schools, it was observed from educators and students that there is apathy for the course in library schools. Some graduates in library and information science are not interested to work