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Using Literature for Emotional Literacy Education: A Review and Proposal for Hong Kong Universities

Daniel Goleman��s 1995 book Emotional Intelligence has been credited for bringing the importance of emotional intelligence (and emotional literacy, which refers to different qualities although they are often used interchangeably) to the attention of international layman readers. Although the exact abilities and aptitudes included in emotional intelligence (or literacy) vary with different scholars, it ��may


The Nfluence of International Art Market on the Art Management Education

Art is a phenomenon that transforms itself along with the society while also reflecting it. With the development of technology, communication facilities and transportation, a new world order has come into being and this has resulted in contemporary art being influenced by other forms of art. New forms of art have come into stage along


Literature As Content vs Literature As Container: The Case of Sherlock Holmes

The presenter teaches literature in English in a city where English is not the first language. In the processes of course design, material search, assignment setting, assessment strategy and the actual classroom interaction with students, the presenter has been made aware of the constant decisions and adjustments necessary as students respond to the materials and


A Proposal for Teaching the Literary Essay through a Rhetorical Analysis

The literary essay is a heterogeneous genre that may contain expository, narrative, descriptive and argumentative types of text. Due to its indefinite nature, it is difficult to find critical studies that develop an accurate understanding of the essay that may lead to an objective teaching of this genre. However, as an exemplar of the argumentative