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Anthology of the Life and Works of Ilokano Women of Nueva Vizcaya

The study aims to introduce the foremost Ilokano women writers of Nueva Vizcaya who are not known in Philippine literature . The study recognizes the significant role of women writers in the region as contributors in the development of national literature. It also intends to analyze the corpus of their short stories written in the


Racial Tensions and Identity Conflicts in Hanif Kureishi’s Major Works

In the twentieth century British society, one-sided racist social policy that excluded diasporic people from social life started to change and British society transformed into a racially mixed one by dealing with immigrants from different parts of the world. In this multicultural society language was a means of power and shaped the identity. The Buddha


The Influence of National Classical Literature on Moulding National Identity

An intense interest in national identity is a paradoxical but an utterly human reaction to globalization. The paper considers the role of national literature in shaping and preserving national identity with Russian classical literature as a source material. The word classical is pivotal here because it implies that a work of literature has been read