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Eve and Her Beings: A Chopin-Brainard Simulation

This study investigates the characteristics of Eve reinvented in Cecilia Manguerra-Brainard’s “Magdalena” and Kate Chopin’s “The Awakening” through the signification of three elements: language, characterization, and theme. ​Supporting the assumption are the literary theories of mimesis , formalism and feminism. ​The method utilized in this study is discourse analysis. Findings 1. Both novels portray the


A Critical Study of John Donne’s Allegorical Poetry with the Concepts of Yin and Xiu in Wenxindiaolong

Widely hailed as one of the greatest achievements in Chinese literary criticism, Liu Xie’s Wenxindiaolong has benefited generations of writers and critics afterwards, and today it has been the very object of study in ‘Dragonology’ and related subjects. Although its ideas have been investigated and elucidated to a great extent, its application, particularly in the


The Interpretation of Literary Images of Feminized Nature From the Perspective of Ecofeminism

In this paper, I will compare the gendered landscape or the image of feminized nature in Wordsworth�fs poem �gNutting�h to Whitman�fs �gPioneers! O Pioneers�h and Cather�fs �gO Pioneers! �hfrom the perspective of ecofeminism. Ecofeminism is one of the most important concepts in ecocriticism, which shares the same characteristics as ecocriticism and concerned more with the


Role of Religion in Markandaya’s Nectar in a Sieve and Farah’s Sweet and Sour Milk

The purpose of this paper is to shed light on the role religion plays in the lives of the characters in the Indian Kamala Markandaya’s Nectar in a Sieve and the Somali Nuruddin Farah’s Sweet and Sour Milk. The paper will trace the influence of Hinduism and Islam in the lives of people in post-colonial