Category: Literature: Arabic/Middle Eastern Literature


A Critical Study of Mahfouz’s Representation of the Oppressed ‘Intellectual’ During the ‘Nasserite Experiment’

An intellectual can be defined as “someone able to speak the truth, a courageous and angry individual for whom no worldly power is too big and imposing to be criticized and pointedly taken to task. The real or “true” intellectual is therefore always an outsider, living in self-imposed exile, and on the margins of society.


A Contrapuntal, Ecocritical Reading of Abysmal Return in Contemporary Middle Eastern and Native American Fiction.

The research offers a contrapuntal, eco-critical and comparative reading of contemporary Middle Eastern and Native American Fiction. Nature is emblematic of socio-political, psychological, archetypal and historical issues in David Grossman’s novella “Yani on the Mountain”, Murid Bargouti’s I Saw Ramallah, and Louis Erdrich’s Love Medicine. The reading is also informed by Edward Said’s contrapuntal approach