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The Power of Literature in African Development Since the 1950s

African history has been described as a hero in African literature. In this paper I argue for the reverse: that African Literature is not only a hero in African history but also a powerful actor in African development. The contribution made by African literature constitutes the academic arm of the continent’s struggles and achievements to


The Country and City in Mia Couto and Bernardo Elis Short Tales

Abstract: This article compares aesthetically the short tales written by the brazilian Bernardo Elis and Mozambican Mia Couto based on archaic and modern social-historical factors but also utilizing Country and City allegorical logic. It is considered is this research the Brazilian “sertão” as it is also considered the deep Africa, both of which are not


Portrayal of New African Women in Post Colonial Nigeria in the Plays of Osonye Tess Onwueme

Osonye Tess Onwueme is the only Nigerian dramatist who presents the concept of ‘New African Women’ in renewed light where her women characters are confident, educated, and rebellious. Her characters strongly believe in the ideology of ‘womanism’, a product of African traditional perspective. Further it helps to understand the cause and effect of socio-political and