Category: Linguistics and Pedagogy


Teaching beyond the Borders: Using the ELT Classroom to Raise Students’ Social Awareness

In our time where war prevails and women and children suffer different faces of abuse and when the environmental conservation needs the awareness of citizens, the need is urgent to modernize our approaches while teaching to solve these dilemmas. The English language teachers are in a unique position to promote the idea of global citizenship


Speech Acts in Political Speeches

The study investigates the role of language in the communication and interpretation of intentions by examining selected political speeches of John Kerry in Presidential Campaign in 2004 and George Bush- Inaugural address in 2001 since they have the same purposes as pieces of discourse with specific goals. Hence, the study focused on the pragmatic functions


The Relativizer That: A Corpus-Based Interlanguage Study

This research study is focused on the use of the relativizer that occurring in authentic learner English. The data, collected from Thai Learner English Corpus (TLEC), indicated that the majority of the relative clauses (RCs) beginning with that functioned as a relative pronoun rather than a relative adverb. In terms of the order of difficulty