Category: Librarianship – Information retrieval, recommendation and personalization


An Analysis of Cognitive Context and Attitudes of Undergraduate Students towards Their Patterns of Library Use

Introduction. In the system of university education, libraries are playing a vital role in dissemination of information in achieving outmost educational outcome. To declare how the cognitive context relating to university students’ library use, a detail study was conducted with undergraduate students. Method. A survey was carried in University of Colombo-Sri Lanka in terms of


University Students’ Awareness towards Online Access Tools: A Case Study of the University of Tsukuba

This study sought to identify students’ awareness and accessibility of the information access tools (OPAC and a MetaFind tool named, Tulips) provided by the University of Tsukuba Library. In addition, it attempted to identify whether students faced specific difficulties and challenges while using these online access tools for searching the library collection. A total number