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The Metamorphosis of Selected Maranao Stories into Dances

This study was designed to select folk stories where the five Maranao folkdances were believed to have originated from. Since it is believed that folk tradition is best transmitted orally, this study probed into another element in preserving folk tradition and that is through dance. Also, by looking into the different folk perspectives and analyzing


Power Shift: Reinterpreting the G.E. Morrison Collection

The Dr George E. Morrison Collection of diaries, manuscripts and photographs – held by the State Library of New South Wales (Australia) – provides a unique suite of insights into the power of communication, between East and West, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. George Morrison, sometimes referred to as Morrison of Peking,


The Goal of Teaching Literature: Global Citizenship beyond Narrow Boarders?

This paper aims to shed light on some important issues related to teaching literature in the global context. It seeks to find out new ways of applying the research to the teaching and learning of literature. Literature has been used for literacy for many, aesthetic pleasure for some and inspiration for some. Similarly the purpose