Category: Learner Experience Design


Creative Learning Environment: A Collaborative Study Defining the Characteristics and the Adaptable Prototype

In teaching-oriented academic institutions, the focus is often mainly on teaching requirements rather than research components. Frequently, faculty have limited time to engage in research activities, and one of the strategies is to integrate empirical research into the teaching component. The purpose of this two-fold qualitative study was to generate creative learning environment characteristics and


Spatial Evaluation of Elementary Schools Libraries: A Prototypical Assessment Instrument

Elementary school libraries are no longer spaces where books are stored and read. They are becoming or have become vibrant spaces hosting many activities fostering discovery, knowledge acquisition, expression and exchange. This paper aims at the development of an assessment methodology for such spaces from the perspective of all stakeholders including architects. The evaluation of


Medical Students’ Experiences of a Project Design

Human capital plays a major role to bring appropriate changes in social and economic areas in any country. In this light, the president of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has launched the program Ruhani zhang’yru [translated from Kazakh means Spiritual Renewal]. It embodies diverse activities oriented to trigger fundamental shifts in people’s mind such