Category: Korean Studies


War on Marriage: Issues of Married Buddhist Monastics in the Republic of Korea Military

Over the decades since the retreat of the Japanese after World War II and the subsequent battle to “purify” Korean Buddhism from Japanese “vestige”, the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, the largest Buddhist denomination in Korea, has firmly established its identity as a legitimate heir and representative of the Korean Buddhism, supposedly unscratched by the


Selected Korean TV Series Depiction of School-themed Dramas: South Korean Educational System Issues

The main purpose of the study is to explore the South Korean Educational System that represents Korean families, teachers, administrators and students through selected school-themed Korean dramas. It also discusses various factors that affect the educational system in their own culture, tradition, belief, socio-economic status, and society. The researcher chose these TV dramas because they


Family Caregiving as a Spiritual Experience: Experience of Spirituality of Korean Family Caregivers in Elder Caregiving

This study explored the nature of spirituality of Korean family caregivers who cared for older adults at home and its impacts on their caring experience. A qualitative design guided by natural inquiry approach was adopted and involved semi-structured in-depth interviews. Eighteen family caregivers, who cared for older adults with frailty at home, were recruited by