Category: Integrating e-learning in Classroom based Language Teaching


Students’ Teaching Practices Using Participatory Learning Technique and Multiple Online Learning Platforms

This paper reports on an implementation of peer-participatory learning technique in reflective teaching practices in a teacher training program. The teaching practices, in addition, were enriched with educational technology engagement through the use of multiple online learning platforms namely Klasiber, Facebook, Google Hangouts, and WizIQ. Two modes of teaching (offline and online teaching practices) were


The Impact of Mobile Learning Environment on EFL Students’ Learning of English Idioms through Concept Cartoons

Today, the most important form of communication among teenagers is carried out through mobile devices. These mobile technologies enable users to “re-interpret their everyday life contexts as potential resources for learning”. Mobile technologies have also various pedagogical practices and issues, which are conceptualised as mobile learning (m-learning). Definitions of m-learning have focused on access, mobility