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Current Situation of Non-Thermal Plasma (NTP) Ammonia Synthesis and Its Potential to Build a Sustainable Nitrogen Fixation Industry

Ammonia has more sustainable applications than being a fertilizer. Its emerging applications include hydrogen carrier, fuel cells, clean transportation fuels, and other off-grid power applications. The environmental and centralization problems associated with the conventional Haber-Bosch process are great limitations to the current nitrogen fixation industry. Currently, the Haber-Bosch production of ammonia around the world is


Assessing Barriers to the Diffusion of Net-Zero Homes: Consumer Response to the Solarhouse Demonstration Project

Buildings are responsible for a significant proportion of the total energy and carbon emissions worldwide and as such the building sector can be integral to the implementation of sustainable development strategies. One of those strategies is encouraging the construction of net-zero energy buildings and residential houses. Data was gathered from attendees of the 2017 Expo