Category: Individual differences


Direct and Indirect Feedback: How do They Impact on Secondary School Learners’ Writing Anxiety and How do Learners Perceive them?

Previous research focuses mainly on the effectiveness of written corrective feedback (WCF) in second language acquisition (SLA), but individual differences, such as anxiety, have not received adequate attention. This study seeks to explore the effects of written corrective feedback(WCF), indirect feedback(IF) and direct feedback(DF) respectively on learners’ anxiety, and to investigate the beliefs towards WCF


The Correlation Between Personality and Gender in Second Language Acquisition: A Case Study.

Whilst it has been long accepted that personality plays a pivotal role in successful Second Language Acquisition, the role of gender remains somewhat shrouded in mystery. It remains impossible to examine the influence of each factor in isolation; however, it is the contention of the author that pairs of factors may be analysed in conjunction