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The Changing Residential Districts of Lagos: How the past has created the present and what can be done about it

The position of Lagos as Nigeria’s economic centre was entrenched in its colonial past. This legacy continues to influence its residential areas today. The research work provides an analysis of the complexity surrounding low-income residential areas of Lagos since 1960, based on the work of Professor Akin Mabogunje, who had surveyed 605 properties in 21


The Great Global Acceleration of 1890-1914: Eça de Queirós, Imperialist Power and the Far East

This research analyzes the Far-Eastern scripture of the Portuguese writer Eça de Queirós (1845-1900), one of the controversial and acclaimed writers of Portugal (and Europe) in the nineteenth century, whose vast work Peter Gay applauded and Harold Bloom integrated into the Western canon. In our work, we detail his critique of industrial capitalism and the


(Re)imagining and (Re)negotiating the Taiwanese Sense of Self: “The Taipei Experience” in the Post Taiwan New Cinema

Since the Emergence of the Post Taiwan New Cinema, advocates of the Taiwanese New Cinema’s recuperation of “The Taiwanese Experience” has criticized the postmodernized Taipei cityscape in those PTNC films as a crisis in reestablishing a sense of Taiwanese identity. From a postcolonial standpoint, the contemplation on the PTNC’s cinematic engagement with the debates on