Category: Globalisation, internalisation of education and impact on student learning


The Need for Academic Writing Support for Undergraduates in an English Medium Tertiary Institution in Malaysia

The status of English as a global language seems to be reinforced as there is a growing trend of Asian students seeking tertiary education in English-medium institutions in Asia. These institutions tend to set English language entry requirements based on standardised tests of English such as IELTS and TOEFL. However, these tests seldom reflect a


Fake News: Origins, Consequences for Students, Scholars and Teachers, and Recommended Solutions

Sir Tim Berners-Lee stated in 2017 that “misinformation, or fake news, which is surprising, shocking, or designed to appeal to our biases, can spread like wildfire.” The inventor of the World Wide Web considers ‘fake news’ as one of the three most disturbing Internet trends. Children and students have not been sufficiently educated on these


Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Engagement and Awareness in VPET in Hong Kong

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is widely promoted and used in USA, Canada, UK and Australia since 1990s. SoTL encourages teachers to plan and evaluate the relationship between learning and teaching when practicing their teaching pedagogy. Through the process, research capability of teachers will be enhanced. As in the Report of the Task Force


Teaching in an International Setting: Perceptions of Excellent Teachers Between HK and US Community College Students

Extensive research studies have looked at the characteristics of excellent teachers under the belief that teacher quality is a main contributor to excellent teaching. In this study, the characteristics of an excellent teacher from the viewpoint of students are investigated. Specifically, from the perspective of community college students, what constitute as the salient attributes and


Improving the Reading Comprehension of Bachelor of Public Administration Students Through the Use of Scaffolding Strategies

With reading as the foundation of all academic learning it becomes imperative that the reading ability of the learners be assessed as the onset. In support of the government and of the university’s program on literacy, teachers have developed innovations and/or interventions aimed at improving the reading comprehension of learners. It is in this vein


Professional Growth Through Professional Employment Program

In the second semester of school year 2012-2013, JRU pioneered a special training program for graduating students in partnership with LiveIt, a subsidiary of the Ayala Group of Companies. An initial group of 81 highly-motivated graduating students from the College of Business Administration were chosen as the first group for the Professional Employment Program (PEP).


The Clash of Humanism and Neoliberalism: A Research on Practices and Ideologies in Croatian Universities

The prevailing economic ideologies that entered the European higher education in the last few decades disrupted the long tradition of so-called ‘humanistic’ ideals and values. This resulted in changing shifts from ‘learning per-se’ to ‘learning for the labor market’, which challenged everyone involved in education at the universities. While many universities welcomed the neoliberal paradigm