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Krashen’s Monitor Model Theory: A Critical Perspective

Krashen’s Monitor Model Theory is grounded on his view of language acquisition. Apart from being a seminal work in the field of Second Language Acquisition, the theory has addressed various issues relating first language acquisition. Krashen expounds his theory with five central hypotheses that respectively deal with what distinguishes language acquisition from language learning, what


The Function of “Turkish Language” Courses Taught in Universities in Mother Tongue Teaching in Turkey

In Turkey, in order for the individual to use his mother tongue correctly and efficiently, courses such as “Turkish, Turkish Language and Literature, Language and Expression” are taught throughout school life. This process of learning the mother tongue continues with the course named “Turkish Language” in universities and it is given to all students in


Putting Object Before or After Verb the Acquisition of VO and OV Word Orders in Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese canonically uses SVO word order. However, a definite object can precede the verb, yielding OV order. While previous studies have established SVO order as Mandarin-speaking children�s earliest and most frequent, little research has explored how they acquire OV order. The current study investigated this acquisition by analyzing Mandarin-speaking children�s OV utterances. We analyzed