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The Concept of Ghostwriting from Literature to Film Music: The Moacir Santos Case of Study

In most cases, the concept of ghostwriting in film music is related to bigger budget industrial movies. It happens mainly because of the amount of simultaneous productions and the agility that the cinema market achieved. Ghostwriters was needed for the first time in a more systematical way during the “golden age” of Hollywood film music,


1+1=1; An Exploration of Bakhtinian Minimum for Existence in Andrei Tarkovsky’s Nostalghia

Mikhail Bakhtin’s emphasis upon the constructedness of language and consciousness, the essential connectedness of individuals to each other, and the co-creation of un-finalized beings in the course of inter-subjective utterances of a dialogue have come to the aid of a great many people to defy subjugation and confinement. By depicting the anti-authoritarian spirit of the