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Towards the Philosophy of Locality

The paper derives from listening intently to the connection between man and a place. Under examination here is local man, and along with him, a cultural experience which holds hidden in itself the philosophy of locality and a tale about a place. What would the idea of locality be? Does local man have the power


“Identity Issue in Contemporary Diaspora Arab Theatre” (Applied Study of Leila Buck Texts)

The problem of identity is one of the issues on the world arena, as it is an essential part of the structure of political intellect. It is also considered as prerequisite for social existence, therefor, the concept of identity has received a great attention in the field of theatre studies, especially in the Diaspora drama;


Winding Ways and Hilly Tracts: Mapping the Identity and Cultural Patterns of the Gaddi Tribes of Himachal Pradesh, India

The words ‘culture’ and ‘identity’ have a deep emotional bond with one’s homeland or territories.The modern society,like any other society in the world, is inseparable from its culture and identity, for its history is recorded and embedded in its culture. With increasing globalization, tribes around the world are being exploited, and are almost at the