Category: Education: social and political movements


Quality and Equity in Nigerian Education System: A Panacea for Economic Empowerment, Development Strategy and Social Justice

This paper relates to Education: Social Justice and Social Change. It examines the issues of quality and equity in Nigerian educational system and how it enhances national economic empowerment and development strategy that brings about social justice. The study identifies the general problems and needs facing the country in the field of education which are


Delegation and Intervention of Education Policy in the UK

This paper examines delegation and intervention of education policy in the central-local government relations of the UK. Since the Thatcher Administration, the number of delegations in education policy are increasing as seen in the school governing body and school funding, while central intervention to the local authority is also observed as seen in removal of


Dialogue, Problematization, Political Commitment and Community Participation as the Main Elements of Integrated Pedagogical Actions of Rural Family Houses

The intent of this paper is discuss the integrated teaching experience in a rural family house maintained by an organization of rural workers in the Brazilian Amazonia, Province of Gurupá, state of Pará, Which promotes the Integrated Technical Education into basic education focused on high school. This essay is based on the Gramscian Concept of